Feminist Control Freaks Want to Ban the Word “Bossy”


(PAUL JOSEPH WATSON)   Feminism is a top down tool of the establishment which is used to promote cultural Marxism, create thought criminals and police language.

7 Responses to Feminist Control Freaks Want to Ban the Word “Bossy”


  • Speaking as a woman, No big deal. I prefer to use “f**king c*nt” anyway.

  • Yes, these militant feminista are getting rather hate-crazed. Most aren’t in their positions through merit but, rather politics.

  • you are no better than the russian or muslim bashers if you’re going to toss around words you don’t understand like “Marxism”.
    Fuck you for helping the ruling class

  • Stupid diversion. I saw this story on yahoo yesterday and wanted to call it out, but they did not allow comments, because it’s invented. Made up to distract.

    But, this is anti-American. We have freedom of speech here, barely, still, so if I want to say these bossy women want to eliminate words to describe them then I will have to find a word they haven’t “banned” yet. How about C… ?

  • …..You know that every girl/lady I get chatting up with all say that they 70’s Feminist movement sucks for them. They WANT to be Stay-at-Home Moms. They would love to be at home with the kids and not running around like a chicken without a head dropping off the toddlers at daycare. They want to be treated LIKE A LADY.

  • Feminism is like so many other “ism’s” in that they attempt to destroy European nations with marriage & family wrecking, language debasing, race mixing & border removing schemes to weaken & subvert white nations.
    Take a guess which women were behind feminism? Steinem, Abzug, Wolf, Friedan & about 100 other Jewesses.
    Now do you people see why this tribe is known as “nation wreckers”?

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