Female forcefully strip searched by male & female cops

(YOUTUBE)   Completely nude strip searches of females are being forcefully conducted by male police officers, against policy, and in Abu Ghraib torture style, in Stark County Ohio. The women are strip searched fully nude, video-taped, and left naked for up to six hours by the cops.

Stark County Sheriff
(330) 430-3800 
4500 Atlantic Blvd., N.E., Canton, Ohio 44705

Ohio Attorney General (614) 466-4320
Ohio Governor Strickland (614) 466-3555
U.S. Attorney General 202-353-1555 

Sheriff Timothy A. Swanson denies all charges and asked fellow government employee, Attorney General Marc Dann, to investigate, however, later Dann was forced to resign after an unrelated sex scandal and numerous sexual harassment claims against him. Special prosecutors then failed to even interview the victim before presenting the case to a grand jury. How many cases are investigated without interviewing the victim?

So far five women have come forward with similar cases of abuse at this Stark County jail, including one that was a victim of a sexual assault while employed at an Ohio medium security prison.

Near the beginning of the video you can see the black male officer helping to strip Hope Jeffey’s panties off of her while the white male officer holds her down. The woman’s bra and panties are removed along with all her clothing, exposing her bare naked breasts, ass, and vagina in front of the male officers, while they video tape. She is eventually completely stripped and left naked and handcuffed on the floor.

Hope was arrested for resisting arrest.

911 was called for help after Hope was assaulted by another woman. However, instead of helping Hope, when police found that Hope was mourning her dead sister by keeping her sister’s ID in remembrance, they confiscated it from Hope and refused to return it. When Hope became upset, the police arrested her for “disorderly conduct,” throwing her to the ground and chipping her tooth.

So far, five women have come forward with similar strip search experiences at this Ohio jail, see link near bottom for the latest news report.

Hope Steffey’s ‘Abu Ghraib’ Treatment at the Stark County Jail:


Stark County Strip Searches


It all began in Stark County, Ohio when Hope Steffey was assaulted by a cousin and another cousin called 911 for assistance. When the officer arrived, Ms. Steffey accidentally handed over her deceased sister´s license, which she kept for sentimental reasons. She immediately noticed the mistake and gave the officer her own identification and asked for her sister´s to be returned. The officer refused to return her sister´s license. The officer ran a check on Ms. Steffey´s license and found no infractions, but continued to treat her as though she were the perpetrator of the crime, instead of the victim. 

Ms. Steffey states she begged for the return of her sister´s license until Officer Gurlea lost his patience and shouted, “shut up about your dead sister.” When Ms. Steffey pointed at the officer´s pocket, which held her sister´s id, and said, “she was here, she was someone”, Officer Gurlea threw her face down on the hood of his patrol car, chipping one of her teeth. And according to documents filed by Hope and Greg Steffey with the United States District Court in Cleveland, Officer Gurlea then threw Steffey to the ground. Although Ms. Steffey´s cousin repeatedly reminded the officer that Steffey was the victim and had been knocked unconscious in the previous assault, Officer Gurlea handcuffed Steffey and put her into the back of his patrol car, refusing her medical care.

Hope Steffey was then taken to the county jail and forcibly strip-searched by 6 to 7 male and female deputies, despite Stark County´s own policy which states that a strip search must be conducted by a same sex officer. She was left in a cell for 6 hours with no clothing or even a blanket and eventually wrapped herself in toilet tissue for warmth and modesty. She was not allowed a phone call or medical attention and when she was later taken to booking, she was given only a small weighted vest to cover her nudity. She was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Is there video the Stark County Sheriff doesn’t want you to see?


Strip search case prompts 5th woman to come forward:


The police state grows nearer as our freedoms, civil rights, and liberties, guaranteed under the United States Constitution, are whittled away by overwhelmingly powerful and excessive government.

4 Responses to Female forcefully strip searched by male & female cops

  • My God! This could be one of those events that could be a life ending event for the officers. A morale and upright individual would have no problem in carrying out justice.

  • Hmmmm, Top 10 signs you live in a totalitarian police-state, anyone…?


  • Don’t you worry none. There’s a bunch of law enforcement types at oath-keepers.blogspot.com that want us to know that they took an oath. And they take that oath seriously. Very, very seriously. And they want everyone to know that. So there!

  • We cannot make the mistake of making the Police our enemy. Sadly, the people that gravitate towards being police are those that like to hurt others and get off on power tripping. Not all, but clearly most. Letting people addicted to money and power control your world is the first mistake. Having armed police that can suppress a population, who have the power of arrest, is the second. Why? Because they always get used by those addicted to money and power to further their own ends via Propaganda (I.E. Ron Paul supporters are terrorists who want to eat your babies). I’m very glad this was not my wife or sister reported on in this story for I would probably be in prison right now for having a “conversation” with those officers involved. Indeed Americans need to grow a pair and have more “conversations” with those who act like bullies and perverts, those addicted to money and power. Those in control, and those who lick the boots of those in control.

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