FEDERALJACK Members Threatened with arrest for Trying to give out Oath Keepers DVDs & Vaccine Info DVDs

FJ AND THE MIAMI POLICE(POPEYE)   On November 11th 2009 the Miami Health Dept started to give out swine flu vaccines at a few locations in Miami. They made such an event out of it that they closed schools in Miami Dade county for the day so parents could bring their children and made sure to call them a day before to notify them. We set out as a group of three (3), just to give out a DVD compilation and some flyers about the swine flu, we did not intend to have a confrontation with the police. But giving out truth and knowledge in this day and age is akin to terrorism, and apparently in Miami its ok for the police to violate citizens constitutional rights. As an Oath Keeper I am discusted by their blatant disregard for the Constitution and their oath. Watch the three videos below to see the entire thing play out. We were able to educate a lot of people and many turned and went home to educate themselves before they vaccinated their kids or themselves. I feel good knowing that the Health Dept is so scared of the truth that they called the cops on us, it shows their true colors better than I ever could have. That fact alone caused people to come ask why the police wouldn’t let us stand on a public sidewalk and hand out free information.




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