Family Members of SEAL TEAM SIX Saying The Government’s Version of Events Wrong

seal team six chopper

(FEDERALJACK)   Family members of the Navy’s SEAL Team Six believes the public is being misled about the deaths of 17 of it’s members. The team, which gained worldwide fame for killing Osama bin Laden, was traveling with Afghan soldiers in a Chinook transport helicopter when the craft was downed by insurgents in August 2011. Family members of the seals filed a lawsuit to seek damages from the US, Afghan, and Iranian governments, while also pressing Congress to address what they perceive to be improprieties in the government’s version of events.

3 Responses to Family Members of SEAL TEAM SIX Saying The Government’s Version of Events Wrong

  • In regards to the elimination of Seal Team 6, please have a look at what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts had to write about it in his article “Muslims behind the 9/11 Attacks.” The Official Story on the Murder of Osama Bin Laden posted on at Dr. Roberts explains a lot of our frustration concerning the 12+ year 9/11 Wars, and in my opinion to have any chance at all of putting the brakes if not stopping all this madness the American people as a whole need to get honest about the 9/11 Lie and deal with it. At the same time, Dr. Roberts explains why that has yet to happen … because so many are benefiting in their own respective ways from keeping the 9/11 Lie alive. Once again, we the people are the answer. – Phil Restino, Chapter Co-Chair, VFP Chapter 136, Col. Bob Bowman Memorial Chapter, Central Florida Veterans For Peace

  • I live in North Africa where corruption is a huge part of live, but what i notice about tyhe US, Israehell, Nato and Europe they are even worse in corruption but gigantic in lies !

  • The government’s story on Bin Laden, the raid on the compound, and the subsequent deaths of 30 of America’s top trained soldiers is not “wrong”! Their fables work perfectly for the biggest cover ups of all time! Have a look at what really happened at ‘the compound’:

    Who do you believe? This man or O-Bomb-A ? The other SEALs saw this and had to die.

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