FALSE FLAG ALERT: Former British MoD insider warns for alien invasion during London Olympics

(UA)   That’s it!! They just told it!! Here comes the Illuminati wild card of the hostile alien invasion to take place during the London Olympics. The former insider of British MoD and UFO shill Nick Pope, warns people to “keep an eye in the sky” during the games, expecting a mass sighting of extraterrestrial spaceships and he also states that the British government is expecting a worst case scenario concerning an alien invasion.



3 Responses to FALSE FLAG ALERT: Former British MoD insider warns for alien invasion during London Olympics

  • Is this the same London Olympics, that invited Keith Moon to open the games? (The same drummer for The Who, who died 43 years ago!?!) Sounds like another ‘dodgy dossier’ to me…….

  • Allright I can’t wait for my people to get here!

  • Well … if there were to be a showing of celestials coming in during this time … they would have to be those coming in to free mainstream humanity sense mainstream have been enslaved for a very long time by a diabolical race of reptilians who invaded the heliosphere eons ago …

    They are the ones who organized and set up this imbalanced money system stemming from the very trickery of write in the constitution … the ones who initiate money making wars and set different countrymen of brothers and sisters against one another ….

    The ones whom changed the Positive Light of Christianity to the negative light rooted in molestation, greed and murder ….

    They are the ones whom have gradually poisoned our air, foods and water … studied humanity under the cover of government funding to better mankind, when each their studies were actually to find mankind weakness …

    They are the designers of harmful vaccines and harmful medicines … geeeze eyes keep looking for the evil invaders and they have been right under the people noises, many camouflaged as humans running the governments …

    Many evil invaders are those calling false flag because they know the truth … they make minds fear the very ones coming to rescue humanity …. The invasion that enslaved mainstream took place eons ago …

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