Facebook Toy Gun Photo Prompts Warrantless Home Search

Despite the fact that the photo was of the man holding an obvious cap gun, police demanded to enter Ryan Lever’s property in search of the item, which isn’t even illegal.

“I had the police show up telling me i had a picture posted on facebook holding a gun! I informed them it was obviously not a real gun they did not care! They proceeded to search my house looking for this toy gun!,” complained Lever.

He said the pictures had been up on Facebook for over 2 years, but they had prompted an investigation by the Children’s Aid society, leading to three burly police officers knocking on his door.

“To be honest when they showed up with 3 big cops rapping on the door then told me what it was over I laughed,” states Lever.

“Its just so stupid EVEN if I did have a picture posing with a REAL gun what proof do they have I even still had the gun? There had to be something more to this! They checked out my facebook and I use that as a information spreading tool because plainly I DONT CARE if the scum know I am a truth activist. They claimed York region from outside Toronto called them over the picture. To make this funnier I threw out the toy a few weeks before so they did not even find the capgun,” he added.

The officers did not have a warrant to enter the premises but just made out as if the situation was dangerous enough to afford them the right to conduct an instant search.

The jaw-droppingly deadly photo of Lever and his toy gun that prompted the police investigation and friendly “home visit” can be seen below.

Facebook Toy Gun Photo Prompts Warrantless Home Search 030209capgun

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