Exposing How Piers Morgan Lied About Navy Yard Gunman Using An AR-15

(FEDERALJACK)   When CNN mouth piece Piers Morgan said on air, on 09/16/2013, that it is, and I quote “a fact” the navy shooter purchased an AR-15, and then went on his rampage. He is absolutely lying to you. The rifle came from the base, the perp only had a shotgun. The AR-15 is a talking point.

3 Responses to Exposing How Piers Morgan Lied About Navy Yard Gunman Using An AR-15

  • This guy is a lying POS, period… And a Limy to boot… Where the Hell does a NON American get to tell us anything… Oh, that’s right, he’s with the Pinko channel…

    Back in the 1870s, we could have walked up to this JO and beat the shit out of him… I guess if we’re lucky, there’s a bus with his name on the front bumper… bus

  • So, what is the surprise here? Anything you see on the mainstream media is manipulated at the very least ….. and frequently these presentations qualify as 100% propaganda. People have to look to the alternative media if they want the facts today.

  • You are correct, Andrew but we also need to speak out when the weasels wine and lie…

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