Evidence That Readers Are Blocked From Going To FederalJack.com



5 Responses to “Evidence That Readers Are Blocked From Going To FederalJack.com”
  1. SPARKY says:

    DUH, hello!!!…It’s the feds and their U-Tube Cronies…And it will continue until several million of us march on Washington and sit on the Capital Stairs until they change the laws of spying on us under the pre-text of "National Security"..

  2. SPARKY says:

    What I really meant to say is that it’s the search engines that are either friendly or bullie by the government who help block access to FJ to their customers…

  3. BTK says:

    Hey there!

    You know what’s funny – ever since FederalJack was hacked (a few weeks ago) it has a "Do Not Enter" Favicon for me! 😀

    Here: http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/2224/dangerfj.jpg

    Can you maybe add a real Favicon to the site?

  4. 都来赚 says:


  5. Ricky the peacefully anti dictatorship says:

    Federal Jack Is Awsume Keep Up The Good Work Thanks For All you Pariotism And Being Such A Great American…….. Let’s Pray To The Lord Jesus More Police And Congressman And Citizens Will Open Their’s Eye’s And Listen Before Its To Late. God Bless America And God Bless FederalJack.com

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