Europe Divides, Elite Reels?


In Europe’s great divorce … We journalists are probably too bleary-eyed after a sleepless night to understand the full significance of what has just happened in Brussels. What is clear is that after a long, hard and rancorous negotiation, at about 5 am this morning theEuropean Union split in a fundamental way. In an effort to stabilise the euro zone, France, Germany and 21 other countries have decided to draft their own treaty to impose more central control over national budgets. Britain and three others have decided to stay out. In the coming weeks, Britain may find itself even more isolated. Sweden, the Czech Republic and Hungary want time to consult their parliaments and political parties before deciding on whether to join the new union- within-the-union. – The Economist

Dominant Social Theme: It’s terrible, this split, but maybe it will get better. Or maybe it is for the best.

Free-Market Analysis: Here is a strong statement: The further fracturing of the EU is a setback for what we call theAnglosphere power elite, those powerful families that control central banking around the world and are trying as hard as they can to create global government.

Here’s another statement: This setback is part of a string of setbacks. The Anglosphere, as we have long predicted, is not having a great time of it in the 21st century.

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