Employee Claims Famous Buffet Chain Serves Dumpster Food

(Claire Gordon)   So your place of employment is a nasty stew of filth. You complain to management, and nothing. You contact the county health department, and nothing. So what do you do? Go on a social media rampage of vengeance, of course!

Early Monday morning, Reddit erupted with a video of an alleged cook at Golden Corral in Port Orange, Fl. exposing the restaurant hiding its food behind the dumpsters during a health inspection. The employee, Brandon Huber, takes the video camera behind the trash cans to show piles of raw baby-back ribs, and trays upon trays of hamburger meat, pot roasts, and green bean casserole. In a follow-up video, he explains that after the inspection, management will roll the food back to the coolers, and serve it up to unsuspecting customers.

“I will show this to whoever I can to prevent any foodborne illnesses from spreading, or anybody catching diseases or getting really sick and possibly being able to die because this is how we store our food,” he tells the camera. “Are you kidding me? By the dumpster? Oh my god.”

A server who answered the phone at the Golden Corral quickly transferred AOL Jobs’s call Monday morning, but the following rings went unanswered. The restaurant chain did respond on Reddit and its Facebook page, however, stating that it was “an isolated incident of improper food handling,” and that the food was thrown away immediately and the manager fired. The restaurant also stated that the employee offered to sell the video, suggesting that the employee’s intentions weren’t entirely noble.

The video’s poster (whose identity is unclear) claimed on YouTube that he brought the issues to the attention of the all-you-can-eat buffet-ery several times before uploading the footage, and also reached out to county health department, to no avail. The poster also put the raw uncooked steak, ribs, and patties for sale on eBay, offering to sell the name of the “FAMOUS FOOD CHAIN” for $5,000, and claimed the Port Orange Police Department responded with accusations of black mail.

The North Carolina-based chain has skirted the edge of health codes before. In 2008, a customer’s photo inside a California Golden Corral kitchen, showing towers of food-caked plates, an overflowing trash can, and chicken bones scattered on the floor, prompted a visit from the public health department. The chain explained that the dishwasher was broken that day. And earlier this year, over 200 customers, who claimed to suffer food poisoning after eating at a Golden Corral in Wyoming, filed a class action suit.

A rogue investigator on Reddit also uncovered that this Wyoming Golden Corral appeared to be filtering out all its negative reviews on Yelp. “I have written this review before and now it appears to be gone?” wrote one customer. “Poor food and trying to manipulate customers, I recommend taking your business elsewhere.”


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