Email: Troopers ordered on ticket blitz

(WTNH)    An eye-opening state police internal memorandum obtained by News 8 challenges state troopers in one barracks to out-perform their trooper colleagues by writing hundreds of tickets on Friday.

The memo, distributed at Troop I in Bethany and obtained exclusively by News 8, basically lays down the gauntlet and any driver on a state highway is fair game.

According to this document, starting tonight at midnight, patrols will be stepped up. The memo from Lt. Anthony Schirillo says in part;

“…we have to issue at least 60 infractions / Misdemeanors each shift for a total of 180 infractions in order to outperform both Troop F and Troop G.

“…One day Troop F issued 301 tickets. Troop G responded by issuing 345 in one day. We can do better…

“I am asking that everyone, myself included, contribute to this effort…

“NOTE if we happen to issue 350 tickets in one day that would be stellar.”

EXCLUSIVE: Email: Troopers ordered on ticket blitz:

News 8 spoke at length with Lt. Paul Vance, spokesman for the Connecticut state police. In response to the allegation that this is a quota system, which the state police union alleges, Lt. Vance said no one is given a quota, this is not a game, they don’t do that, and have never done that.

Another memo obtained by News 8 says “The master sergeant and I will buy pizza for the shift with the highest total.”

Update: More reaction from Lt. Vance and state police union president Andrew Matthews posted here.

2 Responses to Email: Troopers ordered on ticket blitz

  • This is not only an excellent reason not to drive in Connecticut, but beyond hilarious! But it’s logical; as the American economy declines, governments need more and more revenue, and what better source than ticketing hapless drivers?
    I haven’t owned a car since the end of 2009, and I haven’t been legally licensed to drive in the United States since the beginning of 2012, but that hasn’t prevented the NY State Police from issuing me traffic citations for Chatam Village, NY on days that I was halfway around the world in Asia! But the citations were for driving 45 MPH in a 25-MPH zone, not for driving a stolen car or not having a license or registration. You have to wonder …

  • There is no way to misinterpret this memo! The fact that Lt. J Paul Vance said the memo was misinterpreted is an insult to one’s intelligence and also diminishes his credibility as a spokesperson for the State Police. Maybe it’s time for him to step down as a spokesperson! I spoke with a former State Trooper who readily admitted that this kind of nonsense goes on all the time, and he is glad that he is no longer associated with these practices!

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