Education is the Key to Independence in America

(Joe Joseph)    It truly is amazing when you look around, just how fast the globalist agenda/police state is ramping up in America.  There is a tremendous sense of impending doom as the “economic recovery” (fueled completely by government money) collapses, thousands of drones to the skies over our great nation, and rampant corruption infects everything from government, to banking, to society itself.

There’s a silver lining in every cloud though, and that is the response of those who choose personal responsibility, selflessness and liberty over the chaos and confusion of tyranny.  Home schooling is making a huge comeback in this country thanks in part to the tyrannical rule of the “establishment” and global elite.

Parents; who can’t stand to see their kids raised in a “Gestapo” style environment are choosing to use the most effective tool in the fight against tyranny:  education.  The video below highlights why pulling your kids out of the indoctrination centers (public schools) are so important.  We are truly at a turning point in this country and it’s up to us to turn the tide against “the powers that be” and take our country and society back from the doldrums of evil!


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One Response to Education is the Key to Independence in America

  • Fueled completely by government money. Fueled by government money so you are calling tarp 1,2 ,quantum easing 1,2 green jobs program where the money for the green jobs disappeared as fast as the company. Any money going out to the private sector is being stole from, they have been caught the GOVERNMENT working in collusion with there private sector cronies robbing the nation blind , everything ,food stamps, welfare, unemployment, military, oil, bonds on an on the corruption goes, everything is corrupted in this nation. Roosevelt’s NEW DEAL, during the last depression was fueling the economy, he let the banks fail , he put the people to work, this is how an economy is built from the bottom up. There was no trickle down lie from FDR, yes he was not perfect but the nation did come out of it. This one we will never come out of, the laws have put in place. THE PEOPLE ARE A SLEEP AND BEING PLAYED LIKE A BUNCH OF FOOLS, IT WILL BE TO LATE WHEN WE AWAKE, SO SAY IT NOW GOOD GOODBYE OLD FRIEND AMERICA, THE IDEOLGY OF THE OLD AMERICA IS GONE.

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