EDUCATE YOURSELF: Chemtrails – US Patent 3899144 – Powder Contrail Generation

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  • this is interesting, but by itself doesn’t really mean anything about chemtrails. a device like this could have practical purposes such as skywriting or cloud seeding for rain. i’m also skeptical about the sprayer chemtrail theory. sprayers do exist, but the chemtrail phenomenon is so widespread it would necessarily have to be a fuel additive or we would see a lot more leaks about installed sprayers.

    however this:

    is a patent for dispersing particles into the atmosphere via fuel additive.

    i think you’ll find the rest of interesting as well. i’ve done a considerable amount of research into chemtrails and am definitely not in the “sprayer camp” any more. don’t get me wrong though. as i said before, i know sprayers do exist. just that the bulk of the chemtrailing is probably done with an additive. AND i may also have found exactly which additive, although i can’t prove it yet. still working on getting a sample of it – stadis 450. there’s info about it on as well.

  • ive watched them spray this crap since 1989 and now its more and more.

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