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The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Volume 3
"The Magician Awakes"
by Jon Rappoport



Here is an excerpt from another session between Jack True and a patient. This patient worked for many years in the advertising business. She was drawn to Jack because she was very aware of various subliminal strategies used in her line of work.

Q: Okay, before I put you in a light trance, I want you to know that there will be no suggestions from me. I’ll have you report what you see.

A: Sure. I understand.


Q: I want you to look at the space-time continuum.

A: I feel very relaxed. This is nice. Okay. I see a dark space…it seems to be floating, like a cloud. It’s big.

Q: Can you see anything outside of this cloud?

A: Just edges of dim light. Okay, it’s changing…now I see a few images. A warrior. He looks like a sun god. A palace. It has a huge lawn.

Q: What’s the warrior doing?

A: He’s just standing there.

Q: Any expression on his face?

A: Not really. He’s just looking straight ahead…the lawn of the palace has flowers on it…I can see them. I’m supposed to walk across it into the palace.

Q: Do you want to?

A: Sure. Why not? I’m going across the lawn, sort of flying, and now I’m in the palace. Very big room. It’s empty. No people. Paintings on the walls. Lots of large furniture. I’m getting the feeling…this is an after-death place. It’s where I could go if I died. I could live here. Take up residence. It’s sort of made for me. It’s my place.

Q: So does this have anything to do with the space-time continuum?

A: Yes. When we die, we can travel. If we stop and take up residence in an “astral” spot, we can forego any further travel…and then we’ll miss finding out about the space-time continuum.

Q: So this palace is…

A: A very pleasant diversion. Let me…just a second…okay, I’m back to the dark cloud again. It’s a mystery. It has thickness. It’s supposed to be part of a larger landscape. Okay, I can see a whole field. A valley. The cloud is over the valley. This is a landscape I might see on Earth.

Q: Any creatures?

A: No.

Q: Keep going…

A: This valley has space in it, but no time. Nothing changes. Weird. Wait. Okay, the cloud is moving. It’s like someone turned on a projector. For a movie. It was stopped, but now it’s moving. There’s a trick here…

Q: Yes?

A: I’m feeling drained of energy. When the time factor comes into the valley, then I lose energy. I’m reduced to a…spectator. Let’s see…

Q: Where is the energy drain coming from?

A: Yes. Let’s see. It’s coming from the cloud. The cloud is sucking energy from me. Let’s see if I can reverse that…(pause)…I guess I’ll have to destroy the cloud…(pause)…wow…

Q: What happened?

A: The cloud exploded. (laughs) It lit up and exploded. Oh well. No problem. (laughs) Now the sky is clear. This is space-time.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Well, this whole scene is a movie production of space and time. It’s supposed to…I don’t know…give me the impression that I’m still inside the continuum, that the continuum is everywhere. Oh, that’s good…it’s a good promo for the continuum. I see.

Q: Yeah.

A: Right. I get the distinct impression that there are a lot of scenes like this, and they all are movies, in a sense. They all promote the existence and the…ubiquitous nature of the continuum.

Q: I see.

A: Now I’m further away from the valley. I can see it as a little piece of scenery in a large space. But the large space isn’t really space. It’s not part of the continuum. It’s outside the continuum. Yes. Wait a minute…now I’m getting different scenes. But these are scenes on Earth. People in the streets of Calcutta. A piece of frozen tundra in the north of Russia. New York. Traffic on Broadway. A ranch outside Los Angeles---it’s in Santa Barbara. I have simultaneous perception of a lot of different places.

Q: Yeah.

A: I guess I’ve busted through the continuum. When you are in the continuum, you think you can only look at one place at a time. But that’s a delusion. That’s part of the…apparatus of the continuum. When you get outside, you’re free to look at a lot of things all at once.

Q: How do you feel?

A: Very good. Like I’m getting back something I’d forgotten for a long time. You know…it’s like you once could play the trumpet, but you forgot how…and then, all of a sudden, you can play it again. This is the way we’re supposed to see---a lot of things at once.

Q: Limitation.

A: Yes. You buy into the idea that you can only see one location at once…and that is part of the game. That’s part of the deal. Everything else flows from that. It’s what the continuum does. The continuum is not so much about space-time…it’s about the separateness that’s fostered by space-time. Space-time and the physical body are somehow linked. The space-time and the eye-brain apparatus are linked…there are energy vectors and energy inhibitions that function so that you can only see one location at a time when you’re INSIDE…but when you get out, you can see into all sorts of places. It isn’t just remote viewing one locale…it’s seeing lots of different places at the same time. I can also see how…

Q: Yes?

A: There are other faculties that are repressed, too…just a second…I’m looking at a small street in Santa Barbara. The more I look at it…the more the little buildings and shops seem like…archetypes of themselves…let me see…every object is one of a kind…something’s different…it’s two things at once.

Q: What do you mean?

A: It’s tremendously real, and it’s also….like a strip cartoon…as if I could reach out and move away the whole street…as if it weighs nothing. It’s very beautiful. The people on the street…they don’t realize this…they’re inside it all…their perception is…I can almost…I can see energy vectors that tie their perception into the space-time of the street. Those vectors somehow contribute to making…all the objects on the street weigh a lot….very solid to the people who are looking at them. Wow. This is fantastic…

End of excerpt.

There is a great deal to be learned from this session. It’s worth reading through several times.