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Volume 3 
"The Magician Awakes"

by Jon Rappoport




Somewhere in space and time, a teacher is standing in a great hall, addressing students who have come from many different spiritual traditions:

“Basically, we can reduce your backgrounds to two premises. Premises you are not aware of.

“One, you create reality, and therefore you need to develop the power of your imaginations to the fullest, so that you can, indeed, create and uncreate anything you want to.

“Or two, you must merge with the greatest reality, a reality which is already there and is prior to and beyond anything you can create.

“The second premise is faulty and is a lie. However, for the sake of your well-being, you do need to be able to merge with everything that is---and you need to be able to un-merge from all that as well.

“Why? Because if you can’t merge and un-merge, you will in essence be fighting against everything you have created.

“Assume you have created everything that exists. If you can’t merge with it and un-merge from it, you will eventually find yourself opposed to what you have created.”