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The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Volume 3
"The Magician Awakes"
by Jon Rappoport



Jack’s patient came in feeling uncomfortable.  In light trance, this is what he found when asked to look at the underlying structure of reality:


Q:  What’s there?

A:  Buzzing.  Like bees.  Many voices.  Chatter.  A hum.  A universal hum.  Expectation.  The expectation of discovery.  Like, here it comes.  Then…nothing.  Like the radio is turned off.  A shaft of light.  It comes from a very distant place.  It’s the thing that started the big bang.  It’s before the big bang.  It’s the light.  I can sit in the shaft of light.  I can swim in it.  I can move and find a healing.  This is what I’m looking for.  Healing.  No more headaches.  No more arthritis.  No more confusion.  Pure reward.  Pure home…finding home in the light…I’m sitting in the light…this is it….finally.  Arrived.  I’m there.  Nothing can stop it.  The light conquers all.  I’m here.  Inside the light.  Getting what the light gives.  The light gives all.  The light has no personality.  It doesn’t have idiosyncrasies.  It gives.  It’s itself.  It doesn’t need any doctrine.  It has no rules or restrictions.  It doesn’t think.  It doesn’t have to.  It just is.  It is a pure…it gets stronger.  It burns away impurities.  This is the alchemy.  The light doesn’t ask anything from me.  It has no requirements.  No entrance fee.  You’re there.  I’m sitting in the middle of the light.  It’s perfect.  It doesn’t compare.  It just is.  It’s the only thing that really is all by itself…

The next day, the patient called Jack and said he was feeling wonderful.
APRIL 8, 2004. Articles in Harper's and the Atlantic Monthly reveal that Cheney and Rumsfeld have been key players, since the Reagan administration, in a secret plan to provide continuity of government in case of a nuke attack from the USSR.

Talking bunkers and huge installations where major gov honchos would go. From which they would take over the reins of power without a Congress (too much trouble).

The plan was activated on 9/11. Bush was flown to Offcutt AF base in Nebraska, where, get this, he found a charity event was underway featuring biggies from US corporations. Quite a coincidence.

In fact, the US Business Roundtable has managed to obtain secure comm links to the fed gov for major CEOs. These links would be used in a dire emergency, when a terrorist attack decapitated the fed gov.

Like Reagan, the current Bush prez has very strong ties to certain militant end-times fundamentalists (not talking Muslims) who see biblical predictions of the end of the world as imminently factual.

And we just happen to be awash in Mel these days---the billion-dollar movie about the last hours of Jesus, who, according to the end-times folks, will take up to heaven all true born-agains in the 11th hour---while the rest of us suffer great tribulation below.

Try this on for a subliminal equation: The Passion of the Christ=the end of the world= the Armageddon Plan for continuity of government= the 9/11 commission=the election=the chaos in Iraq= the "dark forces of Islamic jihad"=Easter=Bush, the chosen one=the "moral threat to the way of God" (gay marriage)=the confirmation of life on Mars (a fact that threatens the very world view of many fundamentalists)...

Such equations are meant to mobilize the hearts, minds and souls of true believers in the Great Crusade: a myth for the ages.

At a higher level, this particular equation is meant to polarize the nation into true believers vs. those who automatically reject the "wisdom" of such Armageddon imagery.

This neatly falls out into Demos vs. Repubs...and you have a subliminal subconscious force that gets people to move into one camp or the other.

Thus preserving the illusion of choice and open competition.

Called an election.

Symbolically, Condi Rice plays the role of the "former slave" who "now sees the wisdom of her masters."

In case you hadn't noticed, all this is a stage play, co-written by secret societies and our own minds.

The subconscious equations are not meant to be logical; they are meant to be impactful.

Meanwhile, of course, we are smack in the middle of the prez campaign between two members of Skull and Bones.

Million and millions of people who surf the internet and listen to programs like Coast to Coast AM are becoming aware of this fact, and the spillover into the mainstream is happening as we speak.

Of all people, the furrowed-browed Tim Russert recently asked Bush about Skull and Bones, and the president declined to comment.

Declined to comment? A sitting president who took a sacred oath to the most powerful secret society in America at a university which functions as a prime feeder line into the CIA, an agency once run by the president's father, refuses to comment?

H e l l o?


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Okay, here are the additional comments…

Just about any trend or thought or behavior or viewpoint can be co-opted by controlling elites.

Look at the subliminal equation above. Consider the range of the events and facts and ideas embodied in that equation.

How is that equation co-opted, taken over?

You need a bin for it.

A place for it to go.

An important place.

Otherwise, it just floats.

Think of that equation as a plastic ball that is placed into a funnel at the top of a large plastic case.

As the ball falls, it can settle and stop in a little compartment formed by pegs.

In this case, what is that compartment?

It’s the Democrats vs. Republicans compartment.

Very neat.

At that point in time, as the plastic ball stops, the powerful emotions stirred up under the surface take form and shape.

They become: I’M VOTING FOR X (OR Y).

Of course, X and Y are really two heads on the same body.

In 2004, the two heads are skulls.

You could call this FUNNELING.


But if we are studiously devoted to (hypnotized by) the problem-solution format, we will tend to stay in that compartment and try to resolve various issues by choosing one skull or the other.

We will also believe that, if we step outside the problem-solution format, we will have NO supporting infra-structure through which we can express our insight.

We will feel confused and powerless.

Yes, well, that is the whole point. To make us feel we can’t make any kind of progress unless we adhere to the format.

And that is where imagination comes into play.

Not particularly my imagination. Your imagination.

Imagination is not, strictly speaking, part of the format. It is beyond format.

We tend to say, “If imagination is the ultimate answer, then let someone else’s imagination work it out. Wake us up when it’s done.”

We say, “Solve the whole thing for us.”

That is like a child saying, “I can’t reach up to the shelf to get the candy. It’s too high. Do it for me, daddy.”

The child is absolutely certain he can’t get to the shelf.

This is what happens when we put our imaginations on the back burner for thousands of lifetimes.