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The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Volume 3
"The Magician Awakes"
by Jon Rappoport



Jackís patient came back for his second session.  Same subject.  Look at the structure of reality and report what you see.

Patient was placed in light trance.

Here is an excerpt from the session:

Q:  What have you got there?

A:  I donít know.  Itís weird.  I see a gray space and lots of little lights running around.  No pattern.  I feel the urge to find a pattern.

Q:  Keep looking.

A:  I see this surge of energy.  But I canít tell where itís coming from.  It might be coming from me.  It seems to go out from me and turn around and come back at me.  Itís got a military flavor to it.  Now, I see an army.  Troops on the move.  Itís a war.  Theyíre in columns.  I donít know what this has to do withÖwait.  I can peel this back, like a layer, like a big postage stamp on a letter.  The war is just a cover.  Iím supposed to see a war.  Itís hiding whatís underneathÖ

Q:  Whatís underneath?

A:  Ghostly shapes.  Dead urges.  Urges from futile efforts.  I donít know whose efforts.  Like dead explorers.  People who went out and never came back.  I feel at a disadvantage.  Iím in the wrong pew.  Iím getting sucked in by some bullshit.  Iím entrained to look down a certain corridor.  But itís a wrong line.  Iím holding something back.  Iím going at thisÖnow I see a golden terrace, like the terrace of a house.  Some sub-angel lives in the house.  Heís got servants.  This is weird.  The angel is sitting out on the terrace and people are bringing him things. 

Q:  What things?

A:  Drinks.  Reports.  Money.  These are just symbols.  Theyíre clues.  The angel is really just a thing, a piece of energy that connects to other energies.  Itís a web, a network of energies.  Each piece has its Ďarmsí out, stretching to connect with the other pieces.  Hmm.  Itís a whole vast network of energies.  Spirit energies.  It has the flavor of a revelation.  An announcement that says, ĎThis is reality.í  Reality is spirit energy.  Iím supposed to take an attitude now toward the energy.  Iím supposed to bow before the energy, in order to receive enlightenment.  Yeah.

Q:  Anything else?

A:  No.  Thatís basically it.  I feel good.

After the session, after the patient left, Jack said to me, ďHeís still under the influence of the monk.  Heís reading something that is really the monkís.  It ties in with his own version of reality, but heís struggling against something.  Heís trying to find his place in the cosmos.  And heís convinced that if he finds it heíll feel good.  Heís always looking to feel good.  Itís trapping him.  Weíll see what happens in the next sessionÖĒ