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The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Volume 3
"The Magician Awakes"
by Jon Rappoport




This chapter is the first of a series on this subject. Iíve covered it before in this volume, but not quite in this way.

It presents an excerpt from a session conducted by Jack True with a patient. In the next several chapters, youíll see what happens to this patient. Donít assume youíre getting the whole story in this chapter.

The patient was a 44-year-old man who had been involved in Tibetan practices with a monk who had left the fold. The monk was studying hypnosis, and he worked with the patient, a chiropractor, for a number of sessions (of hypnosis).

The thrust of these sessions with the ex-monk was PERCEPTION OF THE UNDERLYING NATURE OF REALITY. The details of those sessions was very sketchy when Jack entered the scene. Jack then took over.

He put the patient in a light trance and simply asked him to look at the underlying nature of reality and report what he saw.

Here is the excerpt:

Q: What are you seeing?

A: I donít know. Iím confused.

Q: Is that confusion with you or is it in what youíre looking at?

A: Oh. Itís in me, I guess.

Q: Where in you?

A: Itís in my space.

Q: Right. So now just try to look at the underlying nature of reality and tell me what you see.

A: I see a lamp. It just popped up.

Q: What color is the light?

A: Gray green. Now itís yellow. The map is hanging from the sky like itís in some fairy tale. Did I say map? I mean lamp.

Q: Whatís around the lamp?

A: Sky. Itís black. Itís a kind of friendly black. Iím looking closer now. Iím seeing crystals. A crystalline take on the sky. The sky is composed of multi-shaped crystals, like ice or snow. These crystals are inside the sky. Theyíre a deeper level.

Q: Keep going.

A: The crystals seemÖnoble. Theyíre very regal, in a way. I see kings and queens, almost like on playing cards. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Kings and queens. They are representatives, messengers, guardians. Itís interesting.

Q: Yeah.

A: The kings and queens are sort of attached to the crystals. Theyíre part of the structure. Theyíre beckoning me on. Deeper. They want to lead me somewhere. They want to show me something. My mouth feels dry. Iím going where the kings and queens lead me. Theyíre pointing the way down a hall or a path in the woods. Hmm. The energyÖof the crystals is leading me on deeper into something. Iím attracted to this. I feel a magnetic attraction. Itís important. This feels important. Iím not sure where Iím going, but the sense is, Iím supposed to see all this. Itís predestined, sort of. (pauses)

Q: What else?

A: There are rays of light coming from somewhere through the trees in the woods. Itís noble. This is a noble enterprise. It has great dignity. ItísÖenveloping. It has sound, too. Iím trying to hear it. Music. Almost music. The tinkling of objects. I see robes, great robes. They have objects sewn into them, and the objects are making me feelÖcalm. I feel very calm. There are more messengers. Theyíre wearing robes. Theyíre leading me into a clearing. It has plants. Some are in pots. Itís a very sculpted space. There is a prayer going on. Itís an undercurrent. Someone is saying a very powerful prayer. It was always going on, but now I can hear it, like a hum. Like the hum of the ocean. Iím coming to the ocean now. Itís illuminated. Itís all lit up. The light is coming from inside the ocean. Itís a blue light. Itís very calming. Itís easy. Itís easy to look at it. I can see the blue light without any strain. I feel relaxedÖThatís allÖitís all gone now.

End of excerpt

The next day, the patient phoned Jack and told him his headache (that he had had for almost a week) had gone away. He felt good. He was supposed to come in that afternoon for another session, but he cancelled it.

Two days later, he called Jack to say he was in a depression. He didnít know why. He made an appointment for the next night.

Jack said to me, ďI expected something like this. I didnít think his euphoria would last very long. This patient very easily experiences euphoria.Ē