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The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Volume 3
"The Magician Awakes"
by Jon Rappoport




There is a great deal of literature out there that says things come around again:

Stock market cycles;

Weather trends;

Rise and fall of civilizations;

And so on…

Perhaps so, but the point is, this is all part of the flypaper that catches minds and convinces people that there is some kind of inherent order that we must pay homage to.

Homage that is akin to devotion.

You know. We are but small minds floating in vast sea of order. And our mission is to discover these cycles and put them up on a pedestal and…

It’s ultimately one more way to devalue the power of the imagination, which of course creates something NEW.

RD works this scam to perfection.

Hide the cycles and then let people slowly discover them like gold buried deep within the Earth.

“Breathtaking.” Yeah. Sure.

You see, if you discover this kind of gold after digging hard for a long time, then you’re going to be so overcome with ecstasy that you’ll hold on to that gold and never let it go.

Hide and go seek, big time.

“What was lost has been found.”


Same thing with various symbols: “discover the hidden meaning of symbol X and your life will be changed forever.”

RD has used millions of symbols in this way. You beat at the door of some symbol and you find that it “really means” ABC. Wow.

But at the highest level of YOU, you are the creator of symbols. If you forget that, you then become the tool of the symbols someone else has created. And thereafter, you change your tune from “creator” to “explorer” of what has been laid out there for you to discover.

RD is expert at these “treasure maps.”

On a much lesser level, the Vatican has played this tune over and over with many variations.

In the culture of planet Earth, we have been taught that “real magicians” are divining the true nature of symbols---and that this discovery has led them to great power.

That’s baloney. The real magician is one who can create (or not) various symbols and imbue them (or not) with “packets of energy.” It’s a game.

Here is yet another session run by Jack True with a patient. It touches on this whole subject of cycles and symbols and as well as several other fantastic things.

We begin the excerpt from the session as the patient has entered a light trance.

Q: Okay, I want you to look at the ocean.

A: Mmmm…yeah.

Q: What are you seeing there?

A: Strange…I’m getting a vast impression of cycles, of things going around and out into what seems to be a whole new era, and then it all comes back to square one. It’s as if the ocean is a tremendous symbol, in addition to being just the ocean…oh, wait…the ocean IS a symbol of change and renewal, change and return to the same place, like waves, out and in, out and in, over and over. It’s a hypnotic symbol. I’m being lulled into this. I’m…well, I’m outside it, obviously, because I can see the con. I can see the ocean being used as a hypnotic symbol…there is a figure there outside the ocean, a figure of a magician, as if he’s creating all this…a magician who has the job of hypnotizing everyone. He’s bringing in the idea of repeating cycles, as if we’re supposed to believe that there’s nothing new, it all goes around and around forever. That’s the trap. The magician is making the trap. He’s RD. He’s an RD guy. He’s got this…he just disappeared. It was as if I spotted him and he went away. He took off. (laughs) I guess he left the field open for me. Now I’m the magician. It feels good…I feel very good, like a ton of shit just got lifted off my back. Now I can take this symbol of the ocean and do anything I want to with it. Wow. I can make the ocean square or red or yellow or small or big. It’s like a plasma. It’s a symbol made of plasma. Weird. I can….I just made the ocean go away. It’s gone. There is a big empty space where it was. I feel like I just came out from under anesthesia. I just saw a whole lot of….beliefs take off like horses and ride away from me. They were…my beliefs. They just took off and went away. The beliefs…had to do with how things repeat and come around again over and over. Yeah. I was in a trap. I was unconsciously looking for things to repeat over and over again, like a loop. That was my predisposition, to see and believe that way. That’s why I’ve been so bored and tired. I was always thinking that things would come back again, the same old shit repeating over and over without a way out. That’s why…this is good…this is very good…I’m seeing through the stuff…there’s just a big clean empty space there now. Very new. I can do anything…I feel like I just lost 50 years of TIRED…so that’s the way it works. RD makes symbols and they get you to form beliefs and the beliefs govern you. The symbols imply beliefs. It’s very clear to me right now. I’m cooking, man…I’m…I can feel my left leg…there’s an influx of energy there (the patient had had trouble with his left leg for several years)…the leg is much more…fluid now…I can bend it better…no pain…maybe I can run again…I’m the center…the magician…I’m at the zero point…I can create…that’s the whole deal…(laughs) Those horses are still running away. They’re liberated. They’re turning into blue energy. Free at last. You know, I never liked horses.

End of excerpt

The next day, the patient called Jack and told him that his leg was still feeling good. He also reported that he had made a clock stop in his bedroom. It was an old mechanical clock. He didn’t like the ticking and he “ordered it” to stop and it did.