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The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Volume 3
"The Magician Awakes"
by Jon Rappoport



This chapter offers an excerpt from a session I did with a friend about a year after Jack True’s death.

I was faced with the question of how to get around putting the person into a light trance, since I had no direct experience in doing that.

So I settled for a healing session (see opening chapters of volume one), thinking that this would relax the person. It did.

The object of this exercise was to have my friend look at the Reality Designers (RD) and report what he found.

Here is what he said to me before we began:

“Because you and I have discussed this concept of RD before, I assume I’m going to give you metaphorical material, symbolic material, that I’ll be imagining or locating stuff that STANDS for RD. As opposed to seeing them directly. Does it matter?”

I told him it didn’t matter, and that I wouldn’t try to get him to sort out the difference.

He was okay with that, and we began…

Q: What do you get?

A: Gray space, a few little lights in the murk.

Q: Keep looking.

A: Okay. One of the lights is becoming a face. A stern face. He’s looking at me, as if he wants me to say something. I don’t know what. He wants me to…go away. He doesn’t like the intrusion. He’s supposed to be hidden. I tell him I don’t care what he wants. He disappears.

Q: Yeah. Keep looking.

A: Another light gets bigger. It’s a body. No head. The head is…inside a shroud. I’m moving closer to the body. I…the shroud comes off. The face is very…chiseled. It’s a mask. It’s a phony. This is a phony front. It’s a diversion. It’s not the real thing…then another face comes out of the gray. This one is inquisitive. He’s trying to figure out why I’m here. He says, “What do you want?” I just look at him. He doesn’t like it. Makes me a little nervous. He’s wearing a robe. A blue robe. He walks around in a circle. He holds out his hand and some glittering material comes out of his hand. (pauses)

Q: Yeah?

A: It almost put me to sleep. The glitter. It’s hypnotic. Very pretty. The phrase “heaven glitter” comes to mind. He thinks it’s amusing. So I ask him (telepathically), “Are you RD?” He says, “Why do you want to know?” I tell him, “I’m doing a survey.” (laughs)

Q: Keep going.

A: I don’t know. (pauses)

Q: What is it?

A: He’s disappearing and coming back. Off and on. Now he’s a little nervous. I’ve penetrated his fort. I’m just looking at him. He says, “We put on the show.” “What show?” I say. “The whole show.” He’s pointing to something. It’s a…design. A geometrical design. Five sides. Blue. It has red in it. The…implication is that…hmmm…this design is the way reality is put together. But it’s not. It’s another diversion. Any design will do. Now the pentagon is becoming a square…a circle….a gold tower. It’s a gold tower. This one feels more real. The tower is…(pause)

Q: Go ahead.

A: I almost conked out again. The tower is an outpost. A broadcasting station. It broadcasts a signal sent from somewhere else. It’s a relay. The signal is…a wave form of reality…it’s a wave that underlies reality. It becomes reality when you look at it for a bit. It’s like a code that becomes reality. Reality can expand out of the code, like a balloon that blows up, or it can…or reality can go back into the code form. It works both ways. This is interesting. On the edges…never mind…the edges just went away. If I’m afraid, I see edges, and if I ignore the fear, the edges go away. Yeah. I like this. The tower is…it has doors. I go inside. There’s a huge room. It’s empty. There is one guy in coveralls sleeping in a chair by a wall. There’s a podium. It has a big book on it. The book is open. It’s written in a script…I’ve never seen that script before. It seems to be directions to something. I’m definitely trespassing.

End of excerpt

After that point in the session, he went nowhere new. He just kept looking at the empty room.

The next day he told me he had slept very well. Better than he remembered in recent years.

We decided to do more sessions. The next chapter is the 12th session.