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The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Volume 3
"The Magician Awakes"
by Jon Rappoport



Just as you see people driving different cars---some faster than others---you might notice that different bodies seem better suited for certain activities.

This does not mean consciousness and all that consciousness can do are dependant on bodies or genes or DNA.

There isnít some esoteric or scientific link between DNA and consciousness.

That road goes into a dead end.

Consciousness did not arise from DNA. Saying it did is part of the evolution fantasy in which life emerged from a swamp or a puddle of amino acids.

Itís yet another cover story, designed to obscure the real essence of consciousness.

YOU have always existed and will always exist, and the same is true of your consciousness. Ditto for your imagination and creativity.

Which is not to say that your consciousness and creativity are unchanging. You can change them; make them wider and more powerful.

Consciousness is not a ďreflectionĒ of some physical state of affairs.

It is not built on molecules or atoms or photons.

Here is another interview/session done by Jack True with a client. The subject was consciousness. As we pick up this excerpt, the client is already under a light trance.

Q: Okay, now look at consciousness.

A: I donít knowÖnot sure where to look.

Q: Look at what you see. Look at consciousness.

A: I see a gray space.

Q: Keep looking there.

A: Yeah.

Q: What do you see there?

A: Itís folding. The space is folding, like a brain. Folds of the brain. Itís sort of curling in on itself. I see electricity.

Q: Keep going.

A: The electricity is sparking the gray matter. It kick starts it.

Q: What does the electricity look like?

A: Like a small branch of lightning. The gray matter begins to function. It begins to sort itself out. It starts to think. It starts to reflect.

Q: Reflect on what?

A: On the fact that itís conscious.

Q: Keep going.

A: The gray matter is grasping its own nature. Itís talking to itself.

Q: Can you hear what itís saying?

A: Itís saying that a little girl is being born. There is a birth taking place. The birth is me. Iím being born. Iím coming out of the womb or out of nothing. I was unconscious and now Iím conscious. Itís a miracle. Now I see sunlight. Sunlight is shining on the gray space. Itís like a window opening. A shade being pulled up. Thereís a lawn out there, and a house. People, a few people are walking around. They must be my family. Iím being born into a family. Thereís a dog on the lawn. Heís walking around, wagging his tail. Wait a minuteÖ

Q: What is it?

A: This is me being born into this life, the life I have now. I was in the gray, and now Iím in this life. Itís amazing, butÖsomethingís not right. Itís strange. Itís like someone else is thinking all this. Not me. These thoughts are coming from somewhere else. Itís a book. Itís a story in a book. The book is what Iím supposed to read. Yes. Iím reading from a book. Iím sitting there reading from a book. The book is giving me this information. Iím very placid, just sitting there, a little girl reading a book. Itís strange. Itís like a fairy tale, and Iím the main character. (laughs) I donít knowÖI wish I couldÖbut there I am, reading from a book. The book tells me what Iím supposed to think. Itís like the story of my birth. My birth into consciousness. From being non-existent. I was nothing, and then I was something. I was asleep and then I woke up. Thatís what the book says. Itís a powerful story. I donít why, but it is. Iím sitting there reading it and soaking it up. Itís like Iím a little kid in school and I donít know anything and the teacher is telling me what to think. Thatís not right. Iím being a little girl who doesnít know anything. Thatís the hinge on the whole thing.

Q: Hinge?

A: Yes. In order to accept whatís in the book, I have to believe Iím a little girl and donít know anything. But the little girl Iím looking atÖthatís not me. Thatís just an idea.

Q: Keep going.

A: Iím reading the book. But itís not me. It feels like me but it isnít. Itís a joke. For some reason, I need a ďbirth story.Ē Iím missing a birth story and the book is giving it to me. Itís what I want for Christmas.

Q: For Christmas?

A: Yes. I want what I donít have. I donít have a birth story, and this is what I want, so the book appears and it gives it to me. (laughs) The book shows up. It floats in the window and I pick it up and read it. It feels like Iím getting a Christmas present. It fills a need. I had a need, and the book supplied it. Why did I have that need? The book is almost alive. Thatís the way it feels. It knows about me, and it knows what I need. What Iím missing. Itís pretty clever. (pause) But I donít really have to believe the bookÖwaitÖitís gone. The bookís gone. And the little girl too. That was a fairy tale. In a physical sense, I was born. Iím born every time I have a new life. But Iím always here. I never stop existing. Iím here.

Q: Anything else?

A: Yes. Iím aware. I never stop being aware. The physical part of it fills a need. The gray matter, the brain, the electricity, the book. It fills in a story about how I exist on a lesser plane. Thatís what I donít knowÖthatís what I donít want to knowÖoh, I get it nowÖ

Q: What do you get?

A: In each new life, Iím doing a little faking. Iím starting all over. But Iím really aware from lifetime to lifetime, and thatís no good for the story. The story of being born, of becoming conscious. Iím already conscious. But I have to tell myself a story, about arising consciousness, so that I can fit into the idea that I have a completely new life and learn everything from scratch. I have to black out what I know, to be in this place, this spaceÖI have to fit into this space and timeÖI guess I have a need to do thatÖso I have the book, the storyÖ

After the session was over, Jack asked the client, ďWhere do you think the book came from? Did you write it for yourself?Ē

She said, ďWell, I use it. But I feel it came from somewhere else. It was written for me. Itís like a very good shoemaker looks at my feet and then designs a pair of shoes for me, and then I wear them. The shoemaker wants me to be happy about the shoes. Whoever wrote the book wants me to be happy about the idea that Iím born every time with a blank slate and then my consciousness develops, like folds in the brain. But thatís ridiculous. Iím always conscious, except when I go back to the book and soak in what it saysÖĒ