Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye Special Broadcast: Steve Stars on the Lincoln Assassination

One Response to Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye Special Broadcast: Steve Stars on the Lincoln Assassination

  • Great video and exposure of what REALLY happened during the Lincoln Assassination. Of course, many people still don’t understand the powerful banksters interest in expanding slavery and destroying the Republic of the United States. The Jesuit/Rothschild agents like Judah Benjamin were funded and supported by both the Bank of England and the Vatican. Even today, Jesuit Loyola professor Tom diLornezo attempts to use the same Jesuitims in his Book “The Real Lincoln” which will never explain how John Surratt escaped to Rome after being part of Booth’s plot. The Jesuit rat lines smuggled him out.

    Lincoln tried to save us ALL form the slavery of the Private Central Banking system by creating our own US Treasury Note and currency called the Greenbacks. If you think that we are not in slavery now to the Jesuits and this international banking cartel, take a look at our economy and your IRS forms.

    In time these same people would create what Lincoln was actually fighting, the PRIVATE Central Bank called the Federal Reserve. Then of course World War I would follow, and and IRS system. Great show that exposes the Jesuit connections through Surratt. (Great photo of him in Rome at the Vatican hiding, after these conspirators snuck him out of Washington. Surratt was SEEN at Ford’s Theater, calling out the time and coordinating the attack on both Lincoln and Seward. Johnson was NEVER on the hit list. He was INVOLVED in the murder, and John Wilkes Booth’s card was found in his mailbox the DAY of the Assassination. Mary Lincoln KNEW Johnson “had some hand in all of this”
    Good show!

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