Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (12-14-2012) Connecticut School Shooting, Guns & Gun Control

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(FEDERALJACK)   On this episode of DTRH Popeye covers the Connecticut School Shooting that happened earlier in the day. The tragic event has lead to the call for stricter gun control laws by the same anti-gun crowd before the bodies of the deceased could be properly and respectfully removed from the crime scenes. There are a few red flags of interest that Popeye brings up, for instance the shooter was buzzed in the school’s front door, and more. He also combats the media’s anti-gun agenda bias and there appeal to emotion with evidence that guns save people too. Whether it’s a 11 year old girl home alone against armed thugs or a average citizen protecting a police officer under fire you will hear how guns can be used to save lives not just take them. And you will here a warning from the people of the UK, who gave up their gun rights and guns, about not giving up our gun rights or our guns.


2 Responses to “Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (12-14-2012) Connecticut School Shooting, Guns & Gun Control”
  1. Jeff says:

    Here is the police communications recording.:

    It sounds like it was 3 people involved. Because the media is not reporting on this I think it is a false flag from the CIA or some other org. The police are saying they and talking about having 1 guy on the ground and chasing another into the woods.

  2. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Try this on for size. The father of the assailant, Adam Lanza, is the president of General Electric Financial Services. In maintaining the broad attack on America and its people by entities in with the Bush41 criminal cabal, Obama, BlackStone investment, the Skull and Bones Society, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, etc., some sort of murderous conduct against the American people could be expected here. GE designed the INSANELY dangerous and lethal configuration for the Japan Fukushima plant, anticipating a tsunami to eventually do what it did including destroying Japan’s economic base and spreading radiation to the U.S. west coast on command. The problem here is NOT the private ownership of firearms, but more the presence of domestically based entities murdering Americans and destroyiung property with 9-11, HAARP, Fukushima radiation, Wall Street looting with the Fed doing their thing, etc.

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