Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (06-08-2012) U.S.S. Liberty Survivor Richard Larry Weaver

(FEDERALJACK)   On this episode of DTRH Popeye is joined by U.S.S. Liberty survivor Richard Larry Weaver. He tells the story of what happened that day 45 years ago on the 8th of June 1967 and drops a bombshell of information about a U.S. Submarine being at the scene and firing on the Liberty. Make sure to take the time to listen to this amazing interview.


4 Responses to Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (06-08-2012) U.S.S. Liberty Survivor Richard Larry Weaver

  • This is for Popeye…I mean, where else in radio land or any other place for that matter, can you find TRUTH in news reporting than with Popeye, Down the Rabbit Hole and…

    Thanks for this great interview and adding another true demention to this tragedy….and from an actual crew member who witnessed this shameful act…
    (I mean, what the hell did the sub captain think he was doing in shelling an American ship…WTF!!!…If this captain had any spine at all, he’d have rebuked his orders and protected the Liberty and to Hell with the pricks in Washington)….

    If that captain had any guts, any at all, he could have saved lives and torpedoed any ships attempting to fire on the Liberty…Israeli or American after warning them…Sure, his career would hve been over and he may also have been prosecuted but he could have saved American lives & that was the right thing to do….

    What a black mark on our Navy and Israel as well…(And I was a Salior)

    America is great but any politians and the generals & admirals who are more about PC than protecting our troops, deserve nothing but our scorn and should be pushed OUT of their positions or offices…They ARE NOT FIT TO LEAD…

  • God Bless this brave and courageous vet!! I pray his story gets out! Help told to “stand down” when our men are in trouble…..sound familiar??

  • I have a few comments. Probably not to people’s liking; but they need to be said.

    1. Stop praising soldiers. Soldiers are tools, used for killing. Stop praising them, and start moving the young away from wanting to be part of the war machine.

    2. Wake up. The government is NOT on your side.

    3. TV is propaganda.

    4. On the USS Liberty. A great podcast; and some very explosive information that needs to get out there. I am talking about the order to torpedo the USS Liberty by the US government.

    5. Your missing the bigger story. It is a false flag event that went wrong. LBJ planed with the israelis, to send the USS Liberty to Palestine; then have the israelis sink it, killing all on board. The plan was then to blame it on the Egyptians, and get the US into the war.

    6. We know that two war planes were ordered to drop nuclear bombs on Cairo. Those planes were recalled because the crew of the USS Liberty had not be exterminated and could testify that it was the israelis and not the Egyptians who attacked.

    7. Understand who is behind this. The enemy is zionism.

    8. JFK was assassinated by israel. LBJ was israel’s man. When he became president, aid to israel increased 400% and support was total.

    9. What happened to the crew of the USS Liberty was terrible but start being aware, that many other people are suffering as well. The Neocons; also knows as Dual Passport Holders, zionists or fifth Columnists; were behind 9/11 and 7/7; successful false flags. The events that lead to unending wars against the Middle East. Millions dead because of the zionists.

    10. If you have the guts, look at what is happening in Palestine because of the zionists. In an israeli poll, 96% asked the israeli government to engage in genocide and wipe out all Palestinians.

    11. All of these events are connected. The USS Liberty was a false flag gone wrong.

    12. The majority of congress are zionists. More than 100 are Dual Passport Holders. They have a US passport and an israeli passport. Their allegiance is to israel.

    13. If the US does not stop the zionists; the zionists will stop the US.

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