Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (02-24-2012) Mark Passio: Mind Control, Numerology & The Dark Occult

3 Responses to Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (02-24-2012) Mark Passio: Mind Control, Numerology & The Dark Occult

  • Where is that speech at the beginning from? That is just awesome.

  • That is a halftime speech delivered by the Head Coach played by Al Pacino in the movie "Any Given Sunday" Great Oliver Stone movie.

  • "The "why" is the only source of power." That "why" being a true understanding of causality. So, someone with power put Nicki Minaj into play for a purpose. When you have no real occult "eyes" you only see one half, and so draw erroneous conclusions. That is why you see Minaj as a bad thing, or an evil, which is your mistake. But for what purpose was she put into play by power? She is designed as a magnet. She attracts like. They, her fans, micmic her. They try to be her thinking this will be their "key-maker" key to riches, great sex, bling bling, etc. In the end, these greedy, materialistic, rotten-hearted people who want to take a shortcut through life get what they’ve sown through causality, they die financially broke, A.I.D.S. ridden, end up in prison, etc. And the wise see the calamity of their lives and learn what NOT to do. The wise will have nothing to do with Nicki’s particular type of music. So the effect upon the greater good of society is that the evil destroy themselves by their willing choices and the wise and good are rewarded. In allegorical terms, a person looks at Minaj and sees pure evil and asks God why she was ever created. Surely God made a mistake in this? He says no. He explains that he himself set that adversarial agent upon earth to rid the earth of an excess of low-level scum bags. …and over time, it works! Now you can see why there are Nicki Minaj’s on the earth and also why there are the opposite types of musicians. The one with POWER creates and offers the choices because they know the "WHY," they know causality. The one with POWER, whoever enlightened individual that may be, offers everything from dark to light, from Nicki Minaj to gospel artists and everything outside and in-between. Goodness in darkness. Goodness in light. Goodness in Yin. Goodness in Yang. It is only when you do not understand that you fall into duality and begin thinking this thing is evil and this other thing is good.

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