Don’t mind the military helicopters shooting over the city, it’s just practice, Miami-Dade police say…

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(MIAMI HERALD)   If you see military helicopters buzzing through your neighborhood sometime soon, don’t freak out. It’s probably a military training exercise.

Miami-Dade police sent out a warning Monday that multiple police agencies would be providing support for a joint military training exercise somewhere over Miami and elsewhere in the county. The exercise will include the use of military helicopters.

When and where will this happen? Police didn’t say.

The police statement said the training locations and times “were carefully selected to minimize negatively impacting the citizens of the City of Miami/Miami-Dade County and their daily routines.”

But it also acknowledged that there would be some impact on residents.

“This is routine training conducted by military personnel designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirement,” the police statement said.

This isn’t the first time such training has been done in Miami. In April 2011, military helicopters buzzed through Brickell, leading to sleepless nights for some people and a lot of griping on social media about it.



2 Responses to “Don’t mind the military helicopters shooting over the city, it’s just practice, Miami-Dade police say…”
  1. JAQUEBAUER says:

    The DOD is running scenarios in preparation for Marshall Law and suspension of the Constitution. Obama is getting desperate, as the furor over his Gun control ideas is reaching critical mass. Expect more crazed madman to kill large quantities of people using weapons on Comrad Madam Feinstein’s list.

  2. Yama Arashi says:

    Don’t worry. They are just practicing to subjugate, abuse, and kill you and enslave your children and grandchildren. You are picking up the whole tab. You are paying for it.

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