Document links Honduras coup leader to the Cali Drug Cartel

(DEADLINE LIVE)   Deadline Live has learned that Honduras Coup Leader, Roberto Micheletti, was named as a drug trafficking suspect by the Honduran Ministry of Defense before the coup took place. A recently released document with a list of drug traffickers and their links to different drug cartels includes his name.

The document, signed by Honduran Colonel René Adalberto Paz Alfaro, lists the name of ‘Roberto Michelleti Bain’ in block Lumber SN-FF. AA. 060. Further, it mentions the link to the Cali Cartel. The document mentions the town of Yoro (aka the town of Progreso) as a possible place of residence or where the meetings with the cartel members might have taken place. Yoro is where Michelleti’s political career began as a council member in the 1980’s.

The list was allegedly turned over to the DEA some time ago as part of the cooperation between the U.S. and Honduras in the ‘fight against drug trafficking.’ Therefore, there’s a possibility that the U.S. Government is fully aware of Micheletti’s link.

Moreover, the Honduran Commissioner on Human Rights, Andres Pavon, accused another coup leader, General Vasquez of having links with drug cartels, the CIA and the DEA. He later stated that some high-level Honduran military members are engaged in drug trafficking with the full knowledge of the U.S. Government. He told Pacifica Radio that ‘he can provide evidence about his claims.’

In his July 11 interview, Andres Pavon accused the U.S. Government of being involved in the coup. He said the Honduran military worked in cooperation with U.S. military forces from the American Air Base of Palmerola (Soto Cano). “Zelaya himself was kidnapped and flown out from that military base,” he said.
PDF Document listing Roberto Micheletti’s alleged link to the Cali Cartel.

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