Disturbing images from Iran you rarely see


6 Responses to Disturbing images from Iran you rarely see

  • Oh dont worry they want to make this place look like all the other defenseless countries s look like the rest of the Other nations they attacked for no REASON WHATSOEVER other than OIL

  • The District of Criminals is full of murdering psychopaths. They don’t listen to human resources. They only want to cull the worlds population and eat out the earth and destroy life. Madmen who have the might to destroy the world have their tentacles on the trigger of doom. I pray the world can be spared the unholy spectacle of death and destruction but the scum are plotting in the back room. We all are victims of a rotten and obscene system that will end by destroying the earth if the gears and wheels keep turning and there is no interference.
    RESIST the new world order

  • I feel sooo sorry for these Iranians as they must live in constant anxiety as to when
    and where the US & UK war machine is going to invade. These invaders are nothing more
    than barbarians and experts in brainwashing. No one rules if no one obeys. (Tao Do)

  • We can think what we like about governments, I personally want no truck with any theocracy from Rome, Tehran or Tel Aviv but NEVER can that be the excuse for bombing innocent people back to the stone like what happened to Vietnam and Iraq.
    Peace Salaam Shalom

    nowar against Iran Not in my Name

  • Youtube has removed this video.


    A video promoting peace. Trying to tell us that we shouldn’t just indiscriminately bomb a lot of innocent people gets DELETED from Youtube.


    This is an outrage.

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