Disturbing Abuse Allegations Against Cop Involved In Shooting of 68 Year Old Marine Veteran

(PIX11)   The White Plains Police Department is under fire after officers shot and killed an elderly ex-marine in November, and new details are emerging about one officer with a history of complaints. The officers are also accused of covering up the shooting with a police report that described the frail 68-year-old as armed and deranged, and that “deadly force (was) warranted”.

In fact, the only reason that police were called to the residence was that the man, Kenneth Chamberlain, was using a Life Aid device that had automatically called them.

When they arrived, Chamberlain reportedly told them what happened and refused to open the door, saying he was ‘Ok’. This prompted at least one officer to allegedly curse and hurl epithets before officers broke down the door and fatally shot Chamberlain. What happened is still under investigation but one of the responding officers has been identified and linked to another ugly case of alleged abuse, and Chamberlain’s son is now seeking justice.

Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr. is a man who measures his words, and speaks in a controlled way even when discussing his father’s death, “I’m sad. I want to cry one minute, but them I’m angry because these are people who are supposed to help him but instead they end up killing him.”

This is how Chamberlain, Jr. reacts to the news that Anthony Carelli is the officer who shot and killed his unarmed father in his home. The same officer faces a federal trial starting on April 23 for using excessive force in arresting two brothers and using racial epithets.

Chamberlain’s lawyer, for Westchester County Prosecutor Mayo Bartlett got straight to the point. “He should have been on modified duty because of this federal lawsuit, which includes brutality.”

Chamberlain’s attorneys had demanded for months that the White Plains police identify Carelli after he killed the 68-year-old Marine last November. But they were denied for more than 4 months.

“That’s something they should have done on their own. Unfortunately, that came on great investigative work by media,” said Bartlett.

It was leaked to the media and White Plains PD confirmed the shooter is 29-year-old officer Anthony Carelli, who lives in Harrison with his parents. Carelli is also one of ten defendants named in a civil rights lawsuit for excessive force used during the arrest and beating of the Hattar brothers, 27-year-old twins.

The suit alleges Carelli, “kicked, struck, beat” them while handcuffed, and used racial epithets — calling them “rag heads.”

The Hattar brothers’ attorney Gus Dimopoulis said, “Officer Carelli used excessive force on my clients and violated their civil rights.”

This comes as the Westchester DA is preparing to bring charges before a Grand Jury for Carelli’s role in shooting and killing Chamberlain, Sr. after audio and videotapes of the killing were reviewed.

It pained Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr. to recount what he heard in the DA’s office. “You hear an expletive. ‘I don’t give a f***,’ said one officer. Then he uses the N-word and tells him to open the door.”

Attorney Bartlett was also disturbed by the video that was captured off the video camera mounted on the Taser police used first on Chamberlain, “I see them opening the door, a 68-year-old man with a heart condition in his house. His arms at his side. He is standing without a shirt on in his boxer shorts.”

An officer can be heard saying “turn it off.” And that’s when Carelli fired the two fatal shots at Kenneth Chamberlain, ending his life. Carelli will be facing a grand jury and a federal judge within weeks.



5 Responses to Disturbing Abuse Allegations Against Cop Involved In Shooting of 68 Year Old Marine Veteran

  • I wish they would bring back the death penalty and put Carelli in the electric chair.
    Carelli + White Plains PD = SCUM

  • Federal obstruction of justice charges need to be brought against WPD. Carelli needs to be sentenced to death via flash mob beating. Same with the Chief for hiring and protecting scumbags like this and so many others on his force. They’re so popular now, I’ll bet they’d get a lot of people to show up for it… I’m an Italian-American too, and would very much like to see great harm come to this young murderer. Here’s some details about this WPD PoS cracka Carelli. I wonder if he considered this kind of Carelli family information getting around when he called Mr. Chamberlain a nigger, and then murdered the guy. For nothing. And then lied about it. Just a total scumbag wearing some blue. I sure hope Justice gets done here…

    Anthony V Carelli was born in 1982. Anthony currently lives in Mamaroneck, New York. Before that, Anthony lived in White Plains, NY from 2000 to 2009. Before that, Anthony lived in Harrison, NY from 2000 to 2010.

    Anthony V Carelli is related to Steven Carelli, who is 24 years old and lives in White Plains, NY. Anthony V Carelli is also related to Michael Carelli, who is 27 years old and lives in Harrison, NY. Anthony V Carelli is also related to Elizabeth Carelli, Anthony V Carelli is also related to Isabelle Carelli, who is 53 years old and lives in Harrison, NY. Anthony V Carelli is also related to Dominick Carelli, who is 49 years old and lives in Mamaroneck, NY.

  • I hate cops. Always knew they were BAD since I was a teen.
    I would love to hear about and see video of this cop punk given justice by any means. eye for an eye. period.

  • #1 – There is no such thing as an "ex-marine". All marines are still marines whether they are still serving or not. (I know, I know… semantics)
    #2 – I agree with Jef. Cops, (most of them) are bad news. They are control freaks. They love to put a beating on some citizen. They are power hungry. Get rid of the "brainwashing" and we will learn to govern ourselves. We did it before, we can do it again.

  • I know many cops, and have several in my family, and none of them fit into the “wanting to put a beating on someone” circle. I know one thing – they are supposed to protect and serve people. If that doesn’t happen then they need to be removed. To demonize ALL cops as bad is not a good idea. You will eventually come into contact with a cop. If your attitude and demeanor make them feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, you will not get the same result as you will if you just chill out and obey their instructions. Whether you agree with it or not, the State gives them the power to control you and you are required to listen to them. This keeps everyone safe – if you do. Nobody EVER has to get hurt if they simply chill out. And obey the laws, at least mostly.

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