Discover Magazine Promotes Poisoning Children


Chris Mooney on the June 2009 Issue of Discover Magazine wrote an article discussing the “debate” on vaccines. His article, a complete propaganda in favor of vaccines, aims to create doubt and fear on vaccine opponents. The article includes things like:

Quotes from Arthur Allen, writer for New York Times Magazine, blaming the internet for spreading rumors of vaccine dangers.

Quotes Paul Shattuck, assistant professor at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University, and how he in 2006 stated that the increase of autism of 22,445 cases in 1994-1995 to 140,240 cases in 2003-2004 it’s just because children who were previously classified as mentally retarded or learning disabled were now being classified as autism.

Mooney continues quoting vaccine propaganda:

Quotes Center for Desease Control (CDC) vaccine expert Stephen Cochi refering to those against vaccines as “junk scientists and charlatans”. Otheres call them “scientifically illiterate”

Chris Mooney’s own words:

“Geographic pockets of vaccine exemptors pose a risk th the whole community”

“People are now easily persuaded about all manner of toxin dangers”

“vaccine defenders make two central clains. First the condition is likely to be mostly genetic rather than environmentally caused; and second there are reasons to doubt whether there is really a rising autismepidemic at all”

Monney concludes his article by explaining how Roger Bernier, a CDC scientist is organizing projects to educate the so called scientific illiterate, junk scientists and charlatans.

You can e-mail Chris Mooney and tell him how you feel about his heavily biased article at or the Editors of Discover Magazine at

You can also take a look at his bio and past Discover Magazine vaccine articles here:

Source: Federal Jack’s Original Article – by Rick

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