Disabled Vet Threatened by VA Police for Passing Out Educational DVDs to Other Veterans

(INFOWARS)   Alex takes a call from a disabled Vietnam vet who was abused and threatened by VA Cops for simply passing out a Alex Jones Documentary Dvd Called, Police State 3. The VA Cops also threatened to take away the disabled Vets VA Benefits if he didn’t cease and desist his activity. This disabled Vet is asking for your help!
His YouTube Page is below:


4 Responses to Disabled Vet Threatened by VA Police for Passing Out Educational DVDs to Other Veterans

  • Provide the officer’s name and location, I will be happy to swing by on my next trip through Va., and educate him.

  • The Virginia PD doesn’t have the authority to take away his VA benefits.

    Revolution is the Solution!

  • dont like AJ but im really sad and pissed!

    –keep pokin that hornets nest–

    –the revolution is what the THEY want.

    –I see no way to avoid it at this point. God help us.

  • The VA is incredibly abusive. Here’s a clue, it’s exactly what the rest of America will get if Obama care goes through. The VA will F%#@!&k you up if you cross them, and if you don’t cross them they will f&*%k your life. They do the moon walk so they don’t have to take care of veterans. This backlog is bogus, they can put something off for for saying "oh, you gave us the wrong phone number" and change one digit. If you fight for your rights they put you on meds that will end you up in jail. It’s better to be dead than to be a vet. in America. (Yes, you see the few who get their claims-you are meant to see those), but how many have died trying to get medical help? How many have gone for help and ended up homeless? Department backward has tempt rape in it. I don’t think that is a co-incidence by these perverted satanist.

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