Dick Morris: US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27

(DICK MORRIS)   Without any national debate  and after secret negotiations. Obama is going to sign the Arms Trade Treaty  which will lead to UN imposed gun control.


14 Responses to Dick Morris: US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27

  • Shameless promo of his book – typical.

  • i will not give up my rifles and pistols with out one hell of a fight.
    it is our god given right to own weapons for huntin sport and self defense
    yo and your lackeys must have forgotten

  • It’s bullshit…read this completely… http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/untreaty.asp

  • Yeah Grover, because snopes is a reliable source. Stop living in denial, this is real.

  • So there might come a time to exercise our 2nd amendment right soon.If this Government thinks it can just circumvent the Constitution through NATO then this Government needs to be overthrown by the people using their 2nd amendment right that are for this very situation.Maybe when a few that are in Government are up against a wall facing and looking down the barrels the rest will have a reality check flash before their eyes.

  • Waht is everyone so concerned about?
    The US government has crapped on the constitution, nuclear proliferation treaty, geneva convention, bill of rights and every other agreement, document, treaty that this country has ever been party to over the past 10 years.

    What makes you think that they will follow the requirements of this UN treaty????

    Move on folks – nothing to see here.

  • All laws are steping stones for further laws of the same type,they say it will not effect citizens . Give them a few years they will work something in that will effect private owners. The UN telling us what to do, there is the issue, we are no longer America folks.I wonder when will the people wake up, nobody cares, gotta care first!

  • KM & Grover….Take your head out of your butt…This is as real as rain and eventually WILL end up with the taking of ALL our guns, period…

    And, as for Snopes…Jesus kid, it’s a George Soros sponsered site…WAKE UP…

    If this phoney president and liar Hillary sign this, they will have cut out the 2nd Amendment of our Bill of Rights/Constitution….

    And, if anything should unite us real Americans and justify a revolution, it’s this…Hopefully it will prompt 4-5 million of usto march on DC…(That’s 8 times bigger than our military!!!…Now, try and arrest us…It’s time to take the country back from the liberal coward weasels!

  • US INC. is going to sign a treaty but not American Citizens, they do not have an agreement with the dreadful United Nations. US INC broke its contract with American citizens a long time ago and now it is run by gangsters, highbinders and psychopaths with a detrimental agenda for our country. If US INC wants to give up its guns then so be it but the treaty signed by them will have no play with the sovereign Citizens of America and a lot of other people too. Who isn’t sick of the ride we’ve been on thanks to the lies, deceit and betrayal that has been doled out by corporations and US INC and the scum in Congress? The foul Bankster-gangsters and their minions sucking the life blood from the world. Time to dump them all and not with sticks and stones.

  • I hunt to feed my family. I keep my family safe. I will protect my rights that can not be taken away!!! I was born with that right!!!

  • Taking my guns from me with be an expensive task.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  • SNOPES: Incorrect Information. NOT BS!!!

    During "Civil Unrest" from any Crisis ( Economic Collapse? ) The implementation of Marshall Law is then Declared and The 2nd Amendment SUSPENDED!!!!

    The Military along with U. N. Troops then follow the C.D.O. Handbook ( Civil Disturbance Operations ) and go door to door for Civil Disarmamen.


  • The U.N arms treaty has nothing to do with the sale or regulation of guns within the U.S.. It is intended to combat the illicit international smuggling or trade of weapons that find their way onto the illicit market and into the hands of bad guys.

    Furthermore, all treaties to which the U.S. is a signatory have to be approved by a two-thirds vote of the U.S. Senate. The president of the United States cannot enact a ban on guns for U.S. citizens through the signing of an international treaty with foreign nations. The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, and the Supreme Court established that the Constitution supersedes international treaties ratified by the Senate. There is no legal way around the 2nd amendment other than a further amendment to the Constitution that repeals or alters it. So, relax, everybody.

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