DHS Singles Out “Pregnant Women” As Likely Terrorists

DHS Singles Out "Pregnant Women" As Likely Terrorists

Follows on from call to watch out for "blonde haired, blue eyed, western-looking" Al-Qaeda members

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

The Department of Homeland Security has embarked on its latest bold move to eliminate terrorists from our midst and keep America safe, by advising law enforcement officials about a deadly new threat – pregnant women.

"The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is reminding law-enforcement officials of the increased use of female suicide bombers worldwide, and warning that women terrorists might hide explosives in devices “that mimic the look of a pregnant woman," reports NBC News.

"The unclassified DHS threat assessment, released Monday and obtained by NBC News, shows photographs of “pregnancy prosthetics,” hollowed-out devices that could hold explosive devices. The report says “female suicide bombers have used devices that make them appear pregnant to hide explosive devices.”

Despite this burst of rampant fearmongering, the report admits that, "DHS and the FBI have no specific, credible intelligence indicating that terrorist organizations intend to utilize female suicide bombers against targets in the Homeland.”

Even before this announcement, little Hitler thug airport security guards had been enjoying the opportunity to manhandle naked pregnant women ever since 9/11.

In one harrowing case, the wife of film producer Nicholas Monahan was forced to expose herself and have screeners touch her breasts in full public view at Portland International Airport. Upon seeing his wife crying her eyes out, Monahan complained and was subsequently arrested and thrown in the airport jail. Monahan likened his experience to something out of The Gulag Archipelago. The trauma of the experience contributed to his wife having to have a caesarean section.

Targeting pregnant women as terror suspects is just the latest chapter of this virulent breed of mindlessness. Regular readers will recall last month’s baseless claim that Al-Qaeda had recruited 1,500 white Britons to carry out attacks in the UK.

Fox News quickly seized upon the comment, made by a single MI5 spook, to imply that the new breed of Al-Qaeda are white Caucasian westerners with blonde hair, blue eyes, and no criminal record. You probably have a few neighbors that fit that description.

This followed a December 2003 nationwide FBI alert to police which stated that people traveling with almanacs and maps should be viewed as potential terrorists and searched at checkpoints. Now you can add pregnant women to people who own maps and those with blonde hair and blue eyes as Osama’s deadly new acolytes.

Of course, the intention and consequences of this are twofold. If there really were any Al-Qaeda terrorists running around planning to blow stuff up then the DHS is too concerned with mothers pushing baby strollers and lost tourists to give a damn.

Secondly, this inculcates the paranoia that anyone and everyone is a potential suicide bomber and fosters a stasi-like mentality where people are zealous to report on anything they perceive as suspicious activity.

The fact that Americans are more likely to be killed by peanuts, accident causing deer or lightning strikes than die in a terror attack also necessitates the creation of a boogey man who could be waiting around every corner.

All of which beefs a police state that is solely reliant on keeping the fearmongering alive by providing an ample supply of comic book villains and if they are not to be found, average everyday people like you and me, in order to justify swinging around the mammoth apparatus of anti-terror to target innocent citizens.

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