DHS POLICE STATE: Emergency Alert System Takeover – November 9th at 2pm EST


12 Responses to DHS POLICE STATE: Emergency Alert System Takeover – November 9th at 2pm EST

  • I’ve seen these tests before 9-11-01, before 7/7/01 in England and elsewhere. They are SOP before a false flag attack to be blamed on “Arabs” or Iran. It has long been known there would be an attack on Syria, Iran and Pakistan once Lybia was de-stroyed. The head of the Russian General Staff just waarned NATO against an attack on Syria but the warmongers are not listening.

  • Ummm, right. So how long is this “test” supposed to take? Is FEMA plan on letting America know when their “test” is finished?
    Damn, does this stink or what…

  • FEMA is a total waste of our tax dollars. There are quite a few federal agencies that we would all be much better off without, and FEMA is clearly one of them. We don’t need FEMA to protect us from those big bad boogie men out there. They don’t really exist! What we need help from is the looting of our economy, and the bribing of our “leaders” by the giant multinational corporations which truly pull the strings. Wars are started for only one reason – corporate profits. Join the Occupy Wall Street protests, everyone, so we can end all the swindles and wars and reclaim our country.

  • Shulz, that’s my question as well. They say when it starts, but not how long it will last. Since DHS & Fema are involved, it does stink.
    And we don’t need no stinkin’ emergency alert system (where all communication is shut down – like, the inability to communicate during an emergency is a good thing?) – we’ve got the Internet, cell phones – the people’s communication system works better than any fossilized goobermint system could ever do.

  • Get CB radios and other methods online YESTERDAY to bypass these freaks!

  • What possible honest purpose could this serve? NONE. A test to make everything was WORKING and FUNCTIONAL- THAT would be the legit test to run. Not how to make sure all communication is blacked out and censored.

    Does this close down the Dow Jones trading board as well?

  • Money talks loudly and the advertisers and Hollywood will never tolerate a continuation of this crap. Besides, an X class solar flare may take care of this situation for them.

  • Sovereignty Intelligence Service
    C/O PO Box 1656
    Pahoa, Hawaii near[96778-9998]
    Non Domestic / Non Assumpsit
    Seeking Tech support for private internet service. The riots in the streets only make the police stronger, become a Sovereign Secure Party Creditor, Administrative law and federal torts are where the true power is. remover your money from the banks by certified Mail notice, there is no need to ever face the police in the streets, if no one shows up, the cops are welcome to circle jerk, eat donuts, and get bored playing Russian rule let with all chambers loaded.

  • Yeah, kinda reminds me of the “games” that were going on on 911. Like FDR said, “nothing in politics happens be accident”

  • BTW, I do have a “disaster plan”. Powder is dry

  • come lord jesus christ amen.

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