Deputy Shoots Small Tethered Dog

8 Responses to Deputy Shoots Small Tethered Dog

  • You hurt a police dog while it is coming up to bite you and you would be charged with assaulting and injuring a police officer and these dogs really can hurt you. For a filthy pig on a power trip to just shoot a small tethered dog and receive total backing from his superiors tells me that the whole system/setup needs replacing for a system vetted by the people who they are hired by (taxpayers money) and their to protect. This has truly made me feel sick. God bless us all!

  • Do cops shoot caged gerbils too?

  • Here’s the elephant in the living room:
    1) Police work is not nearly as dangerous as propagandists claim.
    2) Cops are overwhelmingly cowards who are in that profession to feel safe and in control.
    3) The psychological profile of most cops is identical to the psychological profile of convicts in the penn.
    4) Far from conservative, the philosophy of cops is most like a communist’s philosophy.

  • see, this is why I own pit bulls. they can take a 9mm and still live.

  • Sounds just like some Israeli taking a shot at some Palestinian knowing they will get away with it! How long are he American people going to put up with this crap?

  • It just keeps happening over and over and over again. The media shows it, the people just keep getting used to it and it will just keep getting worse.

  • Let the brownshirt come over to my place. I’ve got a couple pitbulls who are fond of raw pork.

  • Goddamn I am so tired of this lying trash. I don’t need protection from the crim inals — I need protection from the damn police.

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