Deputies raid county building to take control of computers

MARICOPA SHERIFFS CAR(AZ CENTRAL)   Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday stormed into a county building, seized control of a computer system and threatened to arrest county employees if they tried to stop them, according to county officials.

County management responded by asking a Maricopa County Superior Court judge for a temporary restraining order against the Sheriff’s Office.

The system, which provides access to law-enforcement databases, is the subject of a lawsuit between the Sheriff’s Office and the Board of Supervisors.

It links county computers to Department of Public Safety databases, which store criminal background information. But it also is a server and e-mail platform for several county agencies, including the Sheriff’s and County Attorney’s offices and the Superior Court.

Its management is the subject of a 2003 interagency agreement. But in light of recent layoffs of system operators due to budget cuts and squabbles among the agencies, the Sheriff’s Office felt that sensitive data that should be the sole domain of law enforcement had become too available to the system’s civilian administrators, who work for County Manager David Smith and the supervisors.

In April, the Sheriff’s Office filed a lawsuit demanding control of the system, and the suit is working its way through court.

Nonetheless, Wednesday morning, deputies took control of the computers, housed at Sixth Avenue and Madison Street, and told the staff to leave under threat of arrest. Then, according to Wade Swanson, an attorney for the supervisors, sheriff’s personnel began changing passwords and locked down the computer rooms.

A spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office referred questions to the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office refused to comment.

Swanson said that the deputies’ “aggressive action” of seizing the system is “unsupportable, unwarranted and unprecedented.”

“The sheriff did not receive permission from – or give notice to – any other elected official or stakeholder agency before barging in with armed officers and demanding that he be given exclusive control,” he said.

County Manager Smith called the action “the lowest common denominator of a thug, which is the use of force. (Sheriff Joe Arpaio) has no authority in law – or business practice – to do this. He just decided . . . to send in deputies and take over and kick the staff out. It’s a misappropriation of public assets.”

Just as the Sheriff’s Office is concerned about civilians’ access to records, county management is concerned the Sheriff’s Office now has access to information from other county agencies it is investigating, such as the Superior Court. State appellate courts have rebuffed Arpaio’s attempts to obtain privileged court e-mails, which would be accessible through the system. Superior Court Judge Joseph Heilman has scheduled a hearing for today regarding the restraining order.

6 Responses to Deputies raid county building to take control of computers

  • I have a feeling there is MUCH MORE to this story than meets the eye. I happen to be biased in favor of Arpaio, but feel as though we need much more information before we rush to judgment.

  • God bless you Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

    Sheriff Arpaio is ABOVE all other state “staff” and electorates folks. He’s following
    the Law. Anyone who has a problem with this, go back to school and learn Constitutional
    Common Law 101.

    It’s a no-brainer there is more to this event than this no-news report is covering.

  • I find this story interesting. I find the comment posted even more interesting. What is your source sir or madam? I would like to know what evidence you have. Do you honestly feel that the sheriff is doing something righteous? I am not taking sides I simply find this to be an interesting story for you to comment on of all the hundreds of thousands out there. What is your personal stake in this event? Not that I am a skeptic but, most people have an agenda. Also I would like to point out that the constitution is not common law. If you meant Constitutional, Common Law 101 then perhaps precise language would be a benefit here. Also, just as food for thought; sheriffs were used to collect taxes from peasants long ago. It was one of many duties they performed for magistrates and kings alike and they were well rewarded for it. It became a common practice for local authority figures to exact hefty fees from those who couldn’t afford to pay with money. I am not saying it is the case here just an interesting situation we find ourselves in. We have come so far away from the need to exercise our rights that we find it hard to imagine why the forefathers designed our system the way they did. I guess ignorance truly can be bliss, or slavery however you want to look at it.

  • I’m very suspicious of Joe Arpaio, “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” because he runs his office & the prison like a fascist running a private corporation; & he’s also had people who criticize him arrested, among other things.

  • Joe Arpaio is a racist, a fear monger, and a bully who flaunts the law every chance he gets. He has done nothing but acted with total disregard for citizen’s constitutional rights. He is nothing more than – as he was described – a thug. He is a criminal and should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Fuckin a, I agree 1000%

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