Department of Homeland Security Plans to Release Bacteria in Boston Subway System

(FTTWR)   The Department of Homeland Security(DHS), has announced a series of biological tests that they will be conducting in subway systems near Boston. DHS will be releasing bacteria into the MBTA tunnels, in what they say are tests to evaluate sensors installed in the tunnel system.

The DHS sensors are designed to detect biological agents. The testing is expected to go on for at least one year, with multiple bacteria releases every month.

DHS officials insist that the bacteria release, a dead bacteria called B-subtilis, will have no adverse health risks on healthy individuals.  What this means for people with compromised immune systems isn’t known, DHS hasn’t publicly commented on that.


One Response to Department of Homeland Security Plans to Release Bacteria in Boston Subway System

  • THEY been releasing shit for as long as I can remember in the subway system,so whats new??? this might get rid of the old ones and probly most of the young ones,who cares,Obammy is doing this for the good of the people ain’t he???I mean if stupid were airplanes most of america would have 3 airplanes in every driveway..ALTHOUGH this does fall under the GENEVA convention,and it is called a crime against humanity,and it is an international crime punishable by death if you get caught doing stuff like this,good thing americans are stupid HUH?????????????

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