(POPEYE)   This video was originally made right before the 10th anniversary of 9/11, when the attacks on the 9/11 truth movement were really ramping up. With the mountains of evidence piling up that the official story of what happened on September 11th 2001 was not what happened at all, the lapdog news repeaters went from ignoring the truth, to making fun of the truth, to now trying to “debunk” the truth. You can’t debunk truth and fact. The literal definition of the word from the dictionary is:

DEBUNK – to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) as being pretentious, false, or exaggerated

So with a much clearer understanding of what debunking really is we can now debunk the official narrative put out by the powers that shouldn’t be. Below is the original write-up I did almost 6 years ago when I first made the documentary DEBUNKING THE FOXNEWS & POPULAR MECHANICS ATTACK ON 9/11 TRUTH destroying the official lie.

The BBC and multiple “news” agencies have been airing hit pieces as a way of trying to debunk and discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with the official government backed conspiracy theory. Foxnews has jumped on the bandwagon and aired two hit pieces, one from Foxnews’s Morons In The Morning Show with Jim Meigs from Popular Mechanics and the other aired on their Fox Business Network with host Eric Bolling and payed commentator Ann Coulter who is quoted as saying that radiation from Fukushima is good for you. The following video will (with evidence) make the government’s official story, popular mechanics, and Foxnews collapse into their own respective footprints.











  • WTC-7 impossible to have fallen by fire

    ‘WTC-7 impossible to have fallen by fire’
    Sep 7, 2011

    An unresolved mystery of 9/11 is the collapse of the World Trade Center building 7, hours after the collapse of WTC-1 and WTC-2, as it was never hit by a plane, Press TV’s US Desk reports.

    Scientists, architects and engineers all over the world have questioned the official version of how WTC-7 fell down, adding that these buildings are built to fight even the formidable forces of nature.

    Based on claims by the US government, the 47-story modern steel-framed WTC-7 was brought down by office fires.

    Shyam Sunder, the lead investigator at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) — a state-run organization — had said, “World Center 7 collapsed because of fire fueled by office furnishings.”

    However, experts say that a building with a steel-frame never collapses after a few hours of fire.

    “Fires have never before caused the collapse of any skyscraper. Even though there are numerous examples of much hotter, larger, and longer-lasting fires in these buildings,” says architect Richard Gage, the founder of AIA Architects.

    Metallurgical engineer Kathy McGrade says, “You cannot generate enough heat to melt steel.”

    According to witnesses, massive explosions were heard before WTC-7 collapsed.

    NIST’s official scenario resulting in the total collapse of the building is, as experts say, absolutely impossible.

    All the columns needed to be severed at the same time in order for that structure to fall the way it did, based on what structural engineer Michael Donly says.

    Although NIST rejected the possibility of any sort of controlled demolition, it refused to test the explosive residues, which could have documented the evidence of melted steel.

    “The destruction of evidence was a criminal act itself. It was already being carted away and destroyed when the investigators got there,” says structural engineer Ronald Brookman.

    Families of the victims demand that the cause of the collapse be investigated carefully because millions of people around the world, and not just scientists and engineers, want these unanswered questions answered.

  • To address a few of the points CurtOnTheRadio made:

    1) Sometimes people will say “fell at free fall speed” as a contraction when really what is meant is “close to free fall speed”. This is what the experts say, and is what 9/11 truthers really mean to (or should) say. “Close to free fall speed” is no less significant, though, as this is what happens with controlled demolitions – there would always be a small amount of resistance in a CD.

    2) CurtOnTheRadio said WTC7 did not fall into its own footprint and leaned as it fell. Well, I’ve never seen a CD that falls 100% perfectly straight down but WTC7 fell as perfectly as any CD I’ve watched on videos. The leaning doesn’t surprise me – no CD is perfect.

    3) Also, finding debris spread outside of the footprint after collapse is not surprising either – most of the spread would have occurred as the tower hit the ground. It is clear from the video that WTC fell straight down albeit leaning slightly (which I’ve already addressed). Conclusion: talk of “falling into its own footprint” is legitimate. No one is suggesting the debris landed in a perfect square after the collapse.

    Having said that, I am not myself convinced of the controlled demolition explanations yet, but still looking for answers. I find convincing arguments on both sides that sway me one way and the other. I am, right now, much more convinced that people inside the US knew what was going to happen and may very well have actively aided and even participated in the attack. That’s what I believe we should focus on as the more easily provable part of a re-opened 9/11 investigation.

  • I like the part were he said “A former Chief of NY fire prevention warned in the 70s that modern steel buildings were threatening to cause a disaster…..if there were a fire” ya because wood one are a lot better and Don’t listen to the man who built the building or the other steal building builder and what thy say. But fuck all that how in the fuck did tower 7 fall if it wasn’t hit!

  • Some stories have holes in them. 911 IS a hole. One big rabbit hole. Thank you for debunking trash like Meigs, and Fox. Goats like that deserve the lake of fire. Twin towers symbolic of Gemini “twins” pillars of Masonry, ruled by Mercury, God Hermes of monies and commerce. As well as Romulus and Remus. And “S” with two “towers” through it a symbol for money.
    Not just a ritual sacrifice, but the beginning of the planned global economic collapse. The Luciferians dominion the temporal earthly realm, till the Rev 19.
    “S” is for Satan, or Snake, SS sedes secrorum, S shaped like lightning to symbolize Lucifer falling from heaven.

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