Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ted Deutch Are Sponsoring the Bill That’s Upsetting the Internet

(NEW TIMES)   If you go to Wikipedia’s website today, you may cry after finding it’s not giving out information today. The Google logo is also blacked out on that website, and Reddit and other sites are also blacking themselves out today.

If you’re looking for someone local to blame for any of your internet-related problems, look no further than Democratic Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ted Deutch.

That’s because they’re two of the 30 cosponsors of a House bill titled the “Stop Online Piracy Act” — and the Senate side’s bill, the “Protect Intellectual Property Act” — which nerds have been freaking out about for weeks and the rest of the world is discovering today.

(But seriously, just Google “Wikipedia blackout workaround” if you really just can’t handle all this.)

The thought, at least among the technology world, is that SOPA sucks.

The critics say it goes beyond its intention of stopping online piracy and, sparing you the technical mumbo-jumbo, gives the Justice Department and copyright holders unheard of power.

Click here for an infographic from the people behind “American Censorship Day” on how they believe SOPA and PIPA work, and/or check out the video below:

In Google’s announcement of making its statement with the blacked-out logo, it explains that legislators could “order the blocking of sites using methods similar to those employed by China.”

Google’s a fan of the OPEN Act, as you’d have to suspect people working for Google know a little more about the interwebs than a congressman from Texas (Rep. Lamar Smith is SOPA’s sponsor).

Moral of the story: Wasserman Schultz and Deutch may be getting a few calls to their offices today.

For bill texts, click here for SOPA and here for PIPA.

10 Responses to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ted Deutch Are Sponsoring the Bill That’s Upsetting the Internet

  • Time to lock and load

  • Why isn’t that just precious. A step back is clearly in order.
    So, as we see it, two Israeli firsters see to it that our constitutional rights are once again jeopardized [at least this time it’s not the two Israeli dual citizens Carl Levin (NDAA) and Joseph Lieberman (citizen stripping bill) undermining our rights and contravening our constitution by unlawful procedure], overturned and our once prosperous nation is undermined further both economically and politically as the Israel firsters, dual citizens and their neocon partners, desperately try to get the United States into another war for Israel (Iran) and to start World War III.
    The tactic is clearly to prevent any rational discussion about the issues by providing a means to shutdown any and all websites that don’t follow the contrived narrative (i.e., the made-up narrative that started well before the 911 false flag, but shifted into high gear with that fraudulent and criminal event).
    Apparently, the general population is becoming wise to the “antisemitic” canard (i.e, a tactic which relies on defamation and other tortious and criminal conduct in order to prevent debate or to attack an individual who is asking legitimate, though sensitive questions). It no longer has the same effect, because its use is so fundamentally flawed and overused. So different tactics are tried. A principal tactic is to try to pass unconstitutional laws.
    The overall problem in a nutshell is that the Zionists, Israeli firsters and Israeli dual citizens, because of a false history which has been foisteed onto them to establish that false history, a surreal existence and political and financial advantage often to the detriment of the surrounding community, relies on a false reality, which is exposed and jeopardized by the truth, and by virtue of that assertion of truth, creates an existential crisis as truth impacts the brainwashed. Already frightened and exhibiting numerous pathologies from years of being held in brainwashed captivity fostered by community leadership, any attempt to legitimately discuss and correct the historical fallacies, outright propaganda, and criminal and treasonous behavior toward the non-insular world is met with hysteria in the form of unlawfulness, and the promulgation of unconstitutional laws and outright criminal behavior, which, unfortunately, only makes things worse. Of course, the captured congress and occupational media must act in contravention of truth and historical legality for they have long ago sold their sole and have engaged in ruthless and treasonous behavior in failing to honestly inform the public about issues so important to the Republic.
    Grasping at straws becomes flailing at demons as much of the veil of the matrix is exposed.
    The rather tortured response is merely a symptom of reality simply catching up to delusion.
    Those who reject this further encroachment are to be lauded.

  • Don’t blame Debbie…her problem is mechanical..Her puppet strings got crossed with Nancy Pelosi hands…This is all done by puppet Barry and who’s really pulling the strings behind him…(In reality, it’s a ploy for the government to control just one more aspect of our lives)

    Want proof…Just listens to front dope Debbie when she talks…her mouth moves faster than her pea-brain, so she has to stand there looking much the dope while her mouth catches up….Ever listen to her recite the Democratic Talking Points?…

    Total Moron…But make no mistake, these people are dangerous…They eat heir young…

  • israel and the military are collapsing america by design,wake up ans strike the govt and every complicit corporation in the usa

  • oh and boycott Israel, the premier terrorist state on earth,

    silverstein is a sayanim terrorist

  • oh and boycott Israel, the premier terrorist state on earth,

    silverstein is a sayanim terrorist

  • What the hell does Israel have to do with Levin and Liberman?…If Levin was a catholic he’d still be an arogant asshole and Liberman has two sides to him…If yu saw when he was running with Gore…

    BUT NONE of this has anything to do with Israel, so, by making remarks like were made above, tells me the writers are bigots and are anti semetic which really sucks…

    I’m a Christian and was married to a Jewish woman whose mother went to a concentration camp in Holland…(The fear was real)…In addition, I wonder what you would do if your country was surronded by your enemies….I don’t know about you but I’d try in every way I could, to weaken and/or kill my enemies at every opportunity…

    Wouldn’t you?….And no, I’m not a liberal moron…I’m an ex-Navy Airdale and disabled vet…

  • The zionist fifth column is sticking their heads up again.

    How about an amendment outlawing dual citizenship?
    This would makes things interesting.
    Time to see how many patriots there are.

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