Dear Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman, & Guardsman

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  • incredible piece of work. but the question is, apart from yourself and I who have served. Myself in the US ARMY. It really comes down to this thing called pride. What saved me back in the day through all the brainwashing,indoctrination and systematic conditioning learned behavior patterns. Was and still is Jesus Christ. I dont know if you are a Christian, Mind you I did not state (religious person) for religion killed Jesus. But a (Christian) And that is the question for all these new soldiers,marines,etc. To question is the key here. Just as all those who never question religion, they will not question 911 or authority. It has to come from within.

    The heart is stronger than the mind. This goes much deeper than simple actions and thoughts. But in a scale of consciousness. Be it with Krisna , Or Christ but the soldier.marine.etc has to serve one master. which will it be Love or Hate.
    Until they realise this, I believe when the time comes to turn thier arms on the American people the ones who are in UNIFORM in that state of consciousness at that very moment will follow through with thier orders. As they sing “pickup your ruck and FOLLOW ME”.

    but hey I sit here and pray and hopefully this day will never come.

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