David Icke: Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protester



11 Responses to David Icke: Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protester

  • Brilliant…the thing we need to hear at this time.

    Thank you, David! You are my hope in these very dark days of humanity.


  • Everybody please add to play lists and post and share EVERYWHERE, this is currently the most useful 32 minutes of video on the Internet – Lots of people NEED to hear the message.

  • I believe that I have heard David Icke say things in the past that were just wierd, but at least this time he has provided insite and truth that needs to be broadcast, made VIRAL. I agree absolutly with all he is saying here. I think the Occupy Movment is doomed to fail and go in the direction he fears it may. At present the movement is full of too many complaints and offering no solutions, no real spokes-people. Too bad because the complaints are all real and serious. I think Obama will take over the movement like the Republicans took the Tea Party. Too bad Bush-Obama are part of the problem and can never be the solution.

  • My wife asked me to see a psychiatrist because she was concerned about the ideas going through my head. I had started to store food, water, guns and ammo. I quit paying my mortgage and credit cards. When I explained this to the doctor, he said, “David Icke, right!”

    No, I am not a disciple of David Icke, but now that I listen to him, I have wasted many years researching the problems. I should have just looked him up to begin with. He is absolutely right on the money, no pun intended.


  • It wasn’t until i delved even further into everything he had to say did i realize this guys not as crazy as i thought he was.

  • I will never use David Icke as a reference no matter what he says. He said we are ruled by shape-shifting reptilians therefore has zero credibility.

  • David doesn’t quite understand the nature of money, but he gets very close here.

    Once he starts talking about who is taking us where and why, I believe he nails it.

    The best place to learn why it’s proper to create money out of debt, you really owe yourself a trip to perfecteconomy.com.

    Money has to be created out of thin air, doesn’t it? Doesn’t grow on trees!

    Banks should belong to the people, as should the money. American people need American money (at zero interest.)

    He’s right, change money now or the powers that be will continue to enslave us.

  • @johhnybbad: You’re throwing the baby out with the bath water. Big mistake!

    Steven G. Berry said “Money has to be created out of thin air, doesn’t it? Doesn’t grow on trees!”

    Steven, this statement shows that, sadly, it is you who does not understand the nature of money. You may want to look up “fiat currency” and compare that with precious metals backed currencies. Read up on the Bretton Woods Agreement too. Better yet, please read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin.

  • Dear johhnybbad
    I presume that you have evidence to the contrary, or are you working on the “Electron Theory”. I have never seen one, therefore electrons do not exist. Please share you “proof” that we are not ruled by shape-shifting reptilians, without which you have “zero credibility”.

  • I have a few truths to share when the time is right to do so. I am the wife of David Icke. Hypocracy abounds and am not afraid to speak out now. It must be known for the good of the whole, in my view. One hand is being shown to the public while the other deceiving hand is behind. Hang on for the ride. Peace is all I desire. And the Truth shall set you free, if you are prepared to handle it.

  • unless you ever sat with a shapeshifting reptilian and watched the process, you would
    not ever,ever belive that,5th dimensional entities entwined within the DNA of a
    so called human being..in this 3rd dimension time/space continuem…wow was all I could say ………oh yea, if i miss spelled any words, it just shows that I’m a
    product of the american educational system…thanks..

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