By. C. Patience Summers
We all know that Vice President Dick Cheney has been indicted on RICO Act charges in Texas, along with a slew of other public officials (to include Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales); however, most people do not understand the gravity of this case’s outcome on the Juvenile Court system for the entire United States of America.  How is it possible that Child Protective Services reform has anything to do with Dick Cheney’s indictment for being invested in a privately run prison company that abused prisoners?
To answer that question, I bring to you the reason why C.P.S. (Child Protection Services) is running amok on American families: Juvenile Court Judges are financially tied to C.P.S. contracted charities.  In layman’s terms, C.P.S. Judges are sitting on the boards of directors to foster and adoption agencies.  They’re rendering false guilty verdicts because it puts more kids in their adoption agencies and that equates to more federal dollars in grants for their “charities.”  Essentially, Dick Cheney used his position to prevent an investigation into a company he was invested in much the same ways Juvenile Dependency Court judges use their positions to prevent fair trials, thus promoting their companies.
If these indictments get brushed under the rug in South Texas, it will make it that much more difficult for groups like Serenah’s Angels to begin forcing the indictments of countless of these profiteering judges and higher-ups in C.P.S.; however, if the indictments go through and there is a conviction, it will prove to be the reference case to many involved in the cleansing of the American Judicial System.  If this case makes it, countless of American families will be saved from the horrors of being shredded by the system.  It will possibly help put a law on the books which will prevent these atrocities from ever happening again: fair trials by all!
This reporter personally spoke with Juan Angel Guerra, Willacy County Texas District Attorney (the district attorney who is prosecuting Cheney and his cohorts) on the morning of November 25th, 2008.  Initially, the contact was to simply offer support to Guerra in his brave stand against judicial corruption.  Once Guerra heard of the situation with C.P.S., he immediately made the connection between the cases and requested of this reporter to send him the files she had on every Texas Juvenile Dependency Court judge so that he could review them and hopefully find justice for these families.  His selfless reaction to others in need have earned this reporter’s respect.
Although it is an imperative precedence to be set for the future of the American judicial system, the case involving Cheney is in danger of being swept under the rug because he and his other celebrity accomplices are ominously high ranking officials and not many have the intestinal fortitude Guerra has.  The president has declared war on terrorism so I declare war on judicial corruption today.  I am calling for everyone in the movement to offer a helping hand to Guerra in his gallant effort to preserve the safety of Americans everywhere on December 1st, 2008 on the doorstep of the Willacy County Courthouse.
That’s right: everyone needs to get involved in this case to prevent special treatment of these celebrity mobsters.  America needs this conviction.  If enough attention is drawn to the situation, we may have a chance at having our judicial system’s checks and balances in check.  We finally have a D.A. willing to take on Goliath and we need to support his efforts.
Victims of C.P.S. in the state of Texas are encouraged to contact Patience Summers at patalert@ymail.comas soon as they can to join in the investigation of these corrupted political officials.  Other people wishing to help ensure the equal treatment in this important case are urged to immediately contact Patience at (909) 567-2067.  Participants are urged to bring along their families and friends to show the growing unrest in the American populous with regards to judicial corruption.

Willacy County Courthouse
190 North Third Street
Raymondville , TX 78580
956 689-3393 Fax 956 689-6127


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