Criminals and cyber bullies to be banned from the web

(TELEGRAPH)   Criminals who commit offenses online and cyber bullies will be banned from the internet as part of the UK Government’s new cyber security strategy.

It calls for police and courts to make more use of existing “cyber sanctions” to restrict access to the social networks and instant messaging services in cases of hacking, fraud and online bullying. Sex offenders and those convicted of harassment or anti-social behavior also face more internet restrictions under the new strategy.

Similar orders have been imposed on those charged with involvement in a series of cyber attacks by the Anonymous and LulzSec groups earlier this year, while they await trial.

Cyber sanctions were also used following the riots this summer. Two teenagers in Dundee were banned from the web for inciting riots via Facebook.

Officials are now looking into whether “cyber tag” technology could be used to monitor offenders and report to authorities if break their bail or sentence conditions by using the internet.

“The Ministry of Justice and the Home Office will consider and scope the development of a new way of enforcing these orders, using ‘cyber-tags’ which are triggered by the offender breaching the conditions that have been put on their internet use, and which will automatically inform the police or probation service,” cyber security strategy said.

It added that if the regime is a success restrictions on internet use could be imposed on “a wider group of offenders”.

Police forces across the country will also follow the example of the Met’s Police Central e-Crime Unit by recruiting “cyber specials”; internet experts will be encouraged to volunteer as special constables to help investigate online crime.

The four-year strategy is also designed to address cyber espionage and attacks from states such as China and Russia and “patriotic” hackers.

GCHQ, Britain’s eavesdropping agency, is to receive around £385m of the total £650m budget to develop its ability to detect, defend and fight back online. The problem of discovering the true source of a cyber attack will be among the top priorities for the Cheltenham-based agency’s experts, as well as developing “tactics and techniques” for online conflict in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense’s new cyber unit.

GCHQ will also declassify and commercialize some of its cyber technology to help the private sector improve its security online, as part of a broader effort to increase cooperation between government and industry. Other measures with include a new “hub” for information sharing to allow the security services to share information on cyber threats with major infrastructure firms such as BT, Barclays and utilities companies.

“This strategy not only deals with the threat from terrorists to our national security, but also with the criminals who threaten our prosperity as well as blight the lives of many ordinary people through cyber crime,” said David Cameron.

Terrorists are not believed to yet have the ability to launch damaging cyber attacks against critical infrastructure such as water and power stations, but they are thought to have discussed such operations.

5 Responses to Criminals and cyber bullies to be banned from the web

  • We can’t get rid of that pesky free speech that the sheep still posses? Then lets just identify anybody with something important to say and make it ILLEGAL for them to access any network which allows them to get their message out to a large group of people! So you can have your free speech, as long as you don’t tell anybody anything “We” don’t want people knowing. One of the most pathetic laws on the books. Soon it will be made illegal for anybody to post anything written by somebody who is on the “internet offenders” list. You may soon be charged with “conspiracy to post unsanctioned material”. Hell, I’m waiting for government to start issuing licenses for people to use their cell phones… you know because terrorists send text msgs to each other, so we should be “reviewing the privilege” to make sure the potentially deadly cell phone network is not abused for negligent purposes!

  • Lets just get to the chase. This is about stopping truth from getting out. It’s about protecting Israel from their many crimes and constant lies. Its about people showing their true hatred for Israel while being allowed to hate Muslims all day long. Its about labeling hate crimes when the truth is spoken about a certain state or people ie, Israel. Its about silencing those who dare tell the truth. There is no such thing as cyber bullying and is only a creation to silence the truth.

    For instance , if I were to say that Israel is a terrorist state. I would be labeled an “anti-Semite, a bully and a cyber terrorist, even though it is the truth.
    If I were to say Homosexuality is an abomination and is a sick disease I would once again be a cyber terrorist, a bully , and anti-gay even though I believe that to be true under my religious beliefs and personal beliefs. What this is doing is honoring ones opinion and truth over that of another thus undermining the greatness of this country and instilling it with all kinds of filth , abnormality and specialized race protection while denying certain other races mainly those who are white the same protection. Yes I said “white”! Now some could say whites are afforded this same protection but that is not true.Unless that white person is gay, pedophile, or a Jew masquerading as a white when it suits him best.

    What this all boils down to is the protection from ridicule of the rogue Israeli state and nothing more. It would help in deterring the flow of true information about Israel and their many crimes, war crimes, inhumanity, and Israeli sanctioned murder and lies and misinformation to flow on the internet. My bet would be that some Jews are behind this ridiculous law in order to shut people up. This is how they operate! Yes, everything I have just said may have broken this racist law . This is nothing more than an attempt to silence the truth. We must get our country back from these perverts who make these laws to protect themselves from the just and honest citizens of our respective countries.Perverts , Sodomites, Liars, Cheats , Thieves . Sexually Immoral, war mongers and Murderers now run this country and they want to shut the truth Sayers up. Point is, are we going to let them stop the flow of truth and live in their filth or are we finally going to stop these inept sicko’s from taking our right to think and be different from all others away? Or are we going to let them mold us into the mindless robots who accept all their filth and lies, and untruths? W must take back our countries from these perverts who are making laws to protect their perversions!

  • Well said Rick…. The Zionist elements dominating the world have definitely succeeded in brainwashing the majority of the citizens and concealing their own existence in plain sight…. but there are still those that know the TRUTH about the world, and there always will be!…. Just remember it’s when somebody tightens their grip, when they actually lose it 😉

    don’t fret. You’re not alone.


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