Cops Worried About Their Own Safety Unload Guns At Car In Unconstitutional DWI Checkpoint

(MikeHansonArchives)   According to Ingram, deputies saw Graham and Melvin throwing things from the vehicle before they got to the checkpoint. Deputies were able to recover a gun and a bag of weed.

The sheriff said it is unclear at this point if the two items belongs to either of the suspects.

Ingram said the suspect’s car did not stop as it approached the DWI checkpoint in Leland, so deputies opened fire on the oncoming car. The vehicle, however, made it through the checkpoint without stopping.

The chief said one suspect got out of the car and tried to run but was caught. The other suspect continued to drive, and deputies used a pit maneuver in an attempt to stop the car. After the spinout, the car kept going so offers opened fire on the vehicle again because they believed there was still a threat to their safety.

Ingram said he was not sure how many bullets were fired during the incident.

No officers or civilians were injured in the shooting, but a New Hanover County Sheriff’s patrol car was hit by a bullet. Sgt. JJ Brewer with NHCSO said the officer was not inside the vehicle when it was shot. The car was parked at the checkpoint.

According to Ingram, Graham and Melvin both had multiple gunshot wounds. They were taken to the hospital for treatment after the shooting. Melvin has since been released and Graham remains listed in good condition.


2 Responses to Cops Worried About Their Own Safety Unload Guns At Car In Unconstitutional DWI Checkpoint

  • What many people don’t know is these DWI checkpoints are Federally funded. It’s a way for the local cop shop to make some easy money by training citizens to accept roadblocks.

    The Federales are training our local cops to be police state thugs by bribing them with grants.

    Always follow the money with these goons – all roads lead to the Heart of Darkness, Washington DC!

  • Keep it up! It is only a matter of time now until the cops start killing multiple innocents in the background. He is correct about the training into action with the rookies, it happened to me in Canada at an illegal DWI checkpoint and I just tried to drive another route around it to avoid it totally and got charged instantly with Dangerous driving, Flight from Police, they threw in a 130km/hr in an 80km/hr zone to try and give max $10,000 fine which includes confiscating the vehicle and license (even though I could prove the beat up truck could not even make it over 100km/hr and when I went to move it the next day, a half km back onto my property, the passenger side rear wheel started to turn backwards) I had a cuff on one hand already with the veteran, everything was calm until the rookie arrived, ran over, hit me in the head, took my smoke out of my mouth and threw it into the back of pickup into dried roses and debris trying to start a fire under and old growth forest, then threw me on the snowy ground face 1st and drove me into the snow till I was soaked. All from trying to go around a checkpoint (at night you can see the red/blue lights from a distance). I tried to get my Lawyers to fight it but none will take on the 1st case to fight the new Law created by Freemasons via Mother’s against Drunk Driving child death sympathy campaign as they are in on it as well.

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