Cops Harass School Safety Expert Wolfgang Halbig Twice During Radio Interview Questioning The Sandy Hook Massacre

DTRH - (02-18-2014) Wolfgang Halbig

(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes to the broadcast Wolfgang W. Halbig to discuss some interesting questions about the Sandy Hook event. Wolfgang isn’t your average “conspiracy theorist” either. He is a former Florida State Trooper, and United States Customs Inspector. He has worked in public education as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Dean, of an alternative school. He also served as the Director for School Safety and Security for the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students. Wolfgang was invited by the U.S. Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents, and school principals. He is a nationally recognized school safety and security expert/consultant who has provided safety training and school safety assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide. He travels the country providing presentations to a variety of school board associations and conferences, and tonight we have the chance to hear his thoughts on the Sandy Hook massacre that took place on December 14th 2012, and all of the weirdness surrounding it.

There are a lot of questions about that day that need to be answered, many in regards to the behavior of the police, and other officials that day. As in other events, standard operating procedure was violated repeatedly during that day, and in the days following the event.

Wolfgang was visited by Detectives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Dept in late December 2013 and told to “back off,” or the Connecticut state Police would arrest him on harassment charges, all for filing FOIA requests, and calling law enforcement officials concerning the event. He breaks the news here on DTRH that after doing an interview last week, that went viral over the internet, and literally right before this interview took place, Wolfgang was visited by another Sheriff’s deputy and told again to back off. That’s the second visit. And as if that weren’t enough harassment, during the interview, Popeye and Wolfgang are interrupted, and the interview abruptly ended when a sheriff’s Deputy appeared at the house for a third time. Literally in the middle of the interview.

The repeated harassment by “law enforcement” officials just proves that they have something to hide. Listen, take notes, and research the Sandy Hook event.












11 Responses to Cops Harass School Safety Expert Wolfgang Halbig Twice During Radio Interview Questioning The Sandy Hook Massacre

  • If Sandy Hook was in fact an “illusion” then all the questions about bizarre police and EMT response are unnecessary and beside the point. The one question everyone needs to ask is why would our government do such a thing? The answer is two-fold: enact more stringent anti-gun legislation, and acclimate the public to such events. As Mr. Halbig knows, establish motive, and everything else follows.

  • This was a great interview and I Salute that man for doing what his conscience tells him to do !

  • [h5mind says:
    February 20, 2014 at 11:45 am

    If Sandy Hook was in fact an “illusion” then all the questions about bizarre police and EMT response are unnecessary and beside the point.]

    No, actually it is precisely the correct way to professionally conduct his investigation into what happened at Sandy Hook. That is his job. School Safety.

    That’s why this conduct on interference and threats by the sheriff and police in Florida and Connecticut is so disturbing. But revealing…and not unexpected.

    If he goes around saying he is doing this to investigate a possible conspiracy to disarm America, he gets nowhere.

    If he should uncover a conspiracy during his professional investigation…that is another matter.

  • Great interview! Just wanted to mention that the picture of the children’s evacuation you mentioned was actually tweeted the day before the event by the principal and NOT on Dec 14 as MSM has so rampantly and incorrectly reported. The description in the caption on the photo reads: “A day earlier, she shared more mirth via Twitter: ‘Sandy Hook students enjoy the rehearsal for our 4th grade winter concert’ ”
    You can also verify this on Twitter and other sites that collect such Sandy Hook inconsistencies.

    Point is, Where are all the pictures of the 500 students evacuating?

  • It started with inagration!!!

  • To get a better understanding of how deep this fraud goes, you should perhaps watch the following video:

    If you take the time to watch the video, you will see that all the “children” whom supposedly died DID NOT EXIST 1 year prior to this event, which coincided with massive changes that were ordered under strict secrecy involving accessing medical and legal records.

    Please, take the time to watch the video and you will understand why this man is going to end up having an “accident” for speaking out. There is simply no way that people will be allowed to learn now bad our media, politicians, and government lied to all of is just to push an agenda.

    Worse yet, if people realize that this event was faked or staged, then the will realize that it is possible that every other event was staged as well.

    In the event the video link does not show, just google Game Over + Sandy Hook to see how bad and obvious the manipulation of vital records was involving all the supposed “children”.

  • It would seem prudent for Mr. Halbig to have instant live upload cameras running ft 24/7 at his place & vehicle, I suggest this as a priority…They won’t keep visiting him if they are splashed all over the net…!!!!

    This will also allow the public to see the reality of this situation….after reviewing the Reports, Photos & Video’s of SH by CT “Authorities” I am fairly sure SH was at least a Staged Event where Bullets were actually fired into and within the school, it appears that the photos of blood splatter and stain at doorway of classroom seem actual…

    and the Hat of A. Lanza appears to be of an actual gunshot from the jammed glock seen on the floor supposedly next to Lanza…”If” Lanza was killed there I really don’t see how he could have shot himself in that way, looking at the photo of hat and hair fibers on Hat & Glock front sight…..

    He would have had to Bow forward all the way to shoot himself in the head in this manner….I could go on & on after having reviewed the body of released evidence…I’ll just state that there is ZERO evidence of a “Body” that I could find, and there are too many anomalies with the narration and investigation….

    Support W. Halbig, hopefully he can get a court case or two going….

  • hey scumbag Lt,Vance we want to see all the proof about what happened and if we dont see it then you are part of a major coverup and when the time comes you will spend the rest of you big fat ass in jail with bubba .

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