Cop Who Arrested The Five Dancing Israeli’s On 9/11 Speaks Out

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(AFP)   The New Jersey police officer responsible for capturing five Israelis who filmed and celebrated while the World Trade Center towers burned has broken his silence, agreeing to a Sept. 16 exclusive interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

As AFP readers are no doubt aware, these are the same Israelis who were working under the direction of Urban Moving Systems, a Mossad front company at the center of Israeli involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Sgt. Scott DeCarlo has never spoken to the media about the details of that day except for two 30-second cameo appearances in Internet videos from undetermined sources. In fact, DeCarlo confirmed that this is the first, and last, interview he will ever grant in regard to this subject.

DeCarlo revealed to AFP hidden details about the events of 9-11 that mainstream media venues should have uncovered 10 years ago, if not for their near-total blackout of meaningful coverage where Israel is concerned.

Although not scheduled to work that day, DeCarlo reported anyway and “was posted on the highway” to prevent traffic from entering New York City.

“There was a BOLO, which is a ‘Be On the Look Out’ for a particular van, perhaps loaded with explosives,” explained DeCarlo, “that may have been on its way to destroy the George Washington Bridge.”

DeCarlo explained: “It [the suspicious van] happened to come our way, and I grabbed my sergeant [DeCarlo himself was a patrolman at that time] and said: ‘Hey, man, that’s our van.’ It wasn’t the exact license plate given reported—it was off by one numeral—but I said: ‘That’s gotta be it; it’s just too close.’”

He continued: “The van was coming off the [N.J.] Turnpike trying to get on Route 3. Traffic was rolling at two miles an hour, so we got in front of the van on foot, weapons drawn, and stopped it.”

All five of the Israeli spies refused to exit their vehicle, so DeCarlo was forced to get physical.

“We asked them to get out of the van, but they didn’t listen,” he said. “So, we . . . put them in handcuffs and did it as quickly as possible.”

AFP asked DeCarlo why he thought the Israelis refused to follow his orders. DeCarlo was unsure, but asked this writer, “You ever have a gun pointed at your head?”

DeCarlo then described what happened after the spies were dragged from their van. “When we removed them, one of the guys that was rather chatty said: ‘We’re not your enemy, we’re your friend. Our enemies are your enemies,’” DeCarlo said. “At that point they said they were from Israel. They kept saying, ‘Hey, we’re on your side.’”

“We brought them over to the New Jersey State Police holding cells in the Meadowlands Stadium, and that’s the last I saw of them,” he said. Shortly after that, the FBI reportedly took over. The five Israelis were held for 10 weeks, but were eventually deported to Israel on charges of immigration violations. In November 2001, they appeared on an Israeli TV talk show discussing how they were in the U.S. “to document the event.”

Sgt. DeCarlo asked AFP to request interested parties not to contact him.


33 Responses to “Cop Who Arrested The Five Dancing Israeli’s On 9/11 Speaks Out”
  1. Montgomery Scott says:

    Right off of an old 8-track recording, posted on Youtube, THIS is he song I thought of (‘Tell us what you are thinking’):

    Did you ever dance with the devil, in the pale moonlight?

  2. john says:


  3. tom dee says:

    I would love to see what was in the van and in details. It was 9 am and I would not expect 5 men driving around in a van in the area without lawn mower gear in tow. The silence on these five is amazing. They clearly got to the cop since they probably had a short lease if he opens his mouth. I wanted to know if they got a group filming the event and how much was on their film. Also if they were here to film and event how did they know it in advance?

  4. Brian Concannon says:

    the van on route to bring down the thermite coated George Washington Bridge was first reported by media to contain 2 tonnes of explosives – but then the story went dead once Mossad operative and FBI chief Chertoff took over the case and it immediately went in to cover up mode – the van was stopped b/c of a loony decoy phone call trying to lead police to an alternative destination

    the 5 dancing Israeli’s was a different arrest of 5 imbecile Mossad agents who filmed and celebrated the attacks like a bunch of kids instead of acting like the supposedly professional feared Mossad agents that they were

    thank god for the Mossad stupidity that fateful day – once the gig was up as to who was really responsible for 9/11, their future terrorism plans to bring in martial law and a possible religous genocide of Christians and Muslims at war with one another was put on the backburner

  5. R, Schulz says:

    All you need to know about who did the 9-11-01 attacks is to note that all 37,500 Jewish workers at the WTC did not show up for work that day.

  6. Rh factor says:

    There is absolutely NOTHING in this intv that is new that he didnt say before- and even then he revealed very little, despite obviously have alot more info. Overhyped FAIL. Just reiterated what he said a decade ago.
    Why are all of these people so afraid to speak out??

    Unfortunate. If we had a nation of citizens who backed their patriot whistleblowers in a real fashion, perhaps more would come forward. Who wants to throw their lives and prospects away on people who dont care about the truth? Look at where the 911 first responders are today and where is the citizen movement to back these heroes who literally gave all to save them? Narcissistic americans are Pathetic.

  7. Rh factor says:

    R, Schulz
    Please source that claim. There were 4000 ISRAELIS who didnt show up (Jerusalem Post Sept 12, 2001). But jews were killed in Cantor Fitzgerald etc. where did your numbers come from?

  8. Bob K says:

    Brian Concannon-

    Israel has gotten everthing it wanted, on a slightly longer time line. What are you talking about? Nothing was thwarted, just delayed.

  9. Michael says:

    As a christian I was fooled into believing that we must stand with Isreal because they are God’s chosen people. When the blinders came off I discovered that they are our real enemies.

  10. Bob says:

    God convinced them that they were “chosen”. Chosen? really? u guys actually believe that crap? Chosen douchebags maybe, but around here we judge a tree by its fruit. And Israels’ fruit tastes like dog crap. Revenge for 9-11 is appropriate.

  11. IH8Zionists says:

    1. Show me airport video surveillance that shows “19arab” with boxcutters taking over planes.
    2. Where are the black box recorders?
    3. Y didnt the passports burn?
    4. Where are pentagon cams? Only one camera? Really? Are the banks more surveilled than govt buildings?
    5. FBI did not put OBL for 9/11?
    6. Who planted the explosives on all buildings and when? Mossad?
    Until these questions are answered i will not believe their story

  12. David says:

    You are all just anti-Semites. Shame on you!

  13. POPEYE says:

    The only “anti-Semites” I know of are the Zionists that run things. Nice try using the “anti-Semitic” ad-Hominem attack but it shows you have no valid argument about the article.

  14. John says:

    Is it a coincedence that all this anti Israeli reports are coming out just as palestine is in the UN pushing for a palestine state.
    Or is all this a bunch of lies to discredit Israel, PART OF A VAST PLOT BY THE aRABS?

  15. Gary says:

    I don’t think this has been pointed out: The recently-declassified FRI Urban Moving Systems documents include their travel itineraries, which showed them departing Tel Aviv for NYC on 6/15/2001 and set to depart NYC for Tel Aviv on 9/12/2001, proving THREE MONTHS foreknowledge of the precise date.

  16. Merida says:

    This guy is a cop – all he knows is what happened that day. There is nothing else he knows. I can understand why he wants to be left alone. You want more details? The police report and FBI documentation can be found through this page

  17. digitals1 says:

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  18. vincent easley ii says:

    keep on kickin’ azz Popeye, till everyone realises what’s really goin on, let’s change the plans of the "nwo"

  19. DSelvio says:

    DoD, CIA and BushCo did 9/11. Only DoD was in charge of the overlapping military drills. Cheney was inserted into that DoD chain of command on that day.

  20. devilkat says:

    If you want to spread the word join us
    many like minded people here banding together to get truth out and unify against this corrupt government.

  21. biada says:

    Let’s not forget the banned Fox Exclusive on Israel and 9/11. The spying scandal.

    How 60+ Israelis were secreted deported on 9/11.

    Watch the banned fox video here.

  22. LH Ld Elon says:

    dancin Israelis ‘to document event’
    is amibiguous, why, because one could have prior predictions of an event, and the day of prediction was correct, hence their apparent joy, at said prediction, and seerers insightful ways.

    They could of also hated much about america at the time, as they were apparantly foreigners on foreign soil, lots of us hate you for your ways, not just them, we love you too, and, what!

    How would lots of, the majority of, americans act if russia went to war over night, or there was such a attack based there, with glee i often see with such resentment.

    i danced too that day, it was awesome, and the truth is you all feel the same, hence the horror, and the de-sensitivities, just listern to your video posts.
    i witnessed america love as i grew, and it made me feel sick, although, as with all nations, there is bits about you i enjoyed/enjoy, what child doesnt like the taste of sugar,{influence} i even ‘like/d’ thats besides the point, we felt many things that day.
    You act the same prior, and the same latter, you learnt nothing but more hate, and it is spreading through all dimensions.

    I have much respect for some of your open minded service men and women, and i respect some of your generals, close to my own Father.
    As our blood is as one.
    There is little though i respect of the tribal leaderships.
    [cd} Ld Elon of Erwin, Small tribe of a large fortification.
    In truth we trust.

  23. LH Ld Elon says:

    You know what bit i love, your human side.


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