Cop Breaks Neck of Suspect During Traffic Stop

(WAFB)   The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office has released the dash cam video of a deadly traffic stop and in doing so said its deputies followed procedure.

The video shows Deputy Chris Sturdivant as he pulls over 42-year-old Adam Stogner. The tape starts with the deputy asking Stogner for his license. It ends with an officer asking the man if he’s still breathing.

Chief Deputy Jason Ard says when the video starts Adam Stogner did not put his truck in park. They say that backs up the reason he was pulled over. The deputy believed he was impaired. On the tape, there is audio of the deputy asking for Stogner’s license. “What you got in your hand? the deputy then asks. “Give me your hand,” he demands. “I don’t have nothing in my hand,” Stogner responds. “I swear to you.”

The media watched the video with Ard and several other law enforcement agents. “Pay attention to the subject’s right hand,” Ard said. On the dash cam video, the deputy tells Stogner to open his hand. Deputies say they believe Stogner was holding a baggy of narcotics in his right hand. The tape shows Stogner moving something from one hand to the other and placing it in his mouth. “Did you see him put it in his mouth? Ard asks. “Right there and this is where the struggle starts,” he points out. “Spit it out!” the deputy tells Stogner.

All this is happening while the deputy was trying to handcuff the man. The deputy does get one cuff on, but because the two seem to be in a wrestling match, Ard says that loose cuff can be a weapon. At several points, there are images of what looks like the deputy hitting Stogner. The sheriff’s office says another time it looks like Stogner is crawling toward the interstate with the deputy on his back. And again, it appears the deputy hits the man.

“He was appropriate in his actions. He followed departmental protocol in trying to arrest a subject who tried to resist,” Ard said. Only after two more deputies arrive on scene is Stogner completely cuffed. Keep in mind, the baggy is still in his mouth. It’s then that one of the deputies notices Stogner is having trouble breathing and calls for medical help. “Is he breathing?” one of the deputies asked. “I don’t know,” another answered.

Deputies say Stogner later died along Interstate 12. Deputies did start CPR until EMS arrived. Peter John, the family’s lawyer, says only one thing is clear from the tape. He says Adam Stogner never tried to hit the deputy. “Adam got his butt beat, okay, ’cause he’s all bruised up and dead,” John said. “Is that justified by what the officer wanted out of his hand?”

Stogner’s family’s attorney says the family plans to conduct its own autopsy and investigation. Preliminary results from the Livingston Parish coroner show Stogner died from severe coronary artery disease, an enlarged heart, and a fracture of the hyoid bone in his neck. Dr. Ron Coe says the fracture may be due to force being applied to that area. Dr. Coe says Stogner also tested positive for methamphetamine. The coroner also said the death was accidental. Louisiana State Police have been called in to assist the sheriff’s office in investigating this case.

22 Responses to Cop Breaks Neck of Suspect During Traffic Stop

  • This guy should have just gave up the drugs.

    But then, when the drud laws are so draconian… I wouldn’t either. I’ve got something to lose, so I don’t do drugs… But even if I didn’t have something to lose, I still think the laws are too harsh…

    This officer killed a guy, because he had drugs in his mouth. The force involved in getting the guy to ‘spit it out’ is ridiculous. He’ll either spit it out, or swallow it. One of the two.

    When you MURDER someone, as a show of force, that’s jacked up. Let him swallow it, then bring him to the hospital, and get his stomach pumped. Boom! Evidence for conviction.

    So yeah. That cop murdered that guy.

    Protecting and serving WHAT?

  • The man has a fractured hyoid bone, and the county coroner concludes it’s an accidental death? Seriously? Where did this guy go to medical school? It’s not like there wasn’t evidence of a struggle, nor is it likely that the man just slipped and fractured his own hyoid bone.

    And we’ll have the police investigate themselves. Good plan. Like having the FCC investigate AIG.

    This is just one more example of how out of control things have gotten. There was no reason why this police officer had to jump on the guy. Let’s assume that the police version of the story is correct, and he had a baggy of drugs in that hand. So? Possession alone warrants use of force like this? I don’t think so. The police started the escalation, and he should have known better.

  • So disobeying police is a capital offence now?

  • Well if you have over-steroided, sadists pretending to protect and serve working their magic on you, you’d be dead too.

    Welcome to the Fascist Plutocracy USA

  • It seems all the conversations by the 2nd responders is edited out. It seems they don’t want people to hear something like, “DUDE! You fucking killed Him!!”

  • If this is what the police call ‘standard and justified behavior’ then citizens have a right to shoot officers dead anytime they try pulling them over. After all, the right to self defense is universal, so anyone who gets pulled over is therefore justifiably in fear of their life thanks to incidents like this. Until police start dying as frequently as citizens are murdered by police, this insanity will never stop…

  • it means that if anyone gets pulled over, no matter what the alleged crime is, either you better be ready to give up your life and die, or fight for it and defend yourself to the death.

    it’s sad that society has broken down to the point where ‘tasering’ and ‘choke holds’ and ‘murder by cop’ is so normal now, barely anyone blinks.

    I’m ready to use deadly force if a cop threatens me. I don’t care who the hell they think they are, I am a human being and I have rights. I am not a piece of meat they can slaughter without being questioned.

    I’ll fight to the death.

  • What you have just witnessed is a murder. A man being murdered for using RECREATIONAL drugs. His crime was wanting to feel good. He paid with his life. God rest his eternal soul.

  • Afghan villagers prefer Taliban to brutal police. Hmmm
    Looks like brutal police is a world-wide problem.

  • This guy died because he used force against a police officer — end of story. If you want to avoid this happening to you, don’t fight with cops. It’s a crime and they generally win.

  • Paul….What force?….I did not see him strike that officer or threaten that officer. Did you watch the video? If I am on the jury that is murder. Who did the victim hurt by putting drugs in his mouth? What business is that of the government? He was an American, and that was a summery execution, no trial, no judge, no jury. As an American he deserved better, but this happens every day in the drug war. All the men and women that have gave their lives for freedom and justice just got kicked in the teeth by this officer. A free man would not have been killed for putting something in his mouth. That officer and most others see us as the enemy and the actions we see everyday prove it. We have more people in prison than any other nation with 6 times the median world average. Over 2 million Americans. We have 5% of the world population and 25% of the worlds prisoners. Are Americans the worst people on the planet, I say no, but the alternative is we are a police state and the laws so oppressive that any one can end up in prison.

  • The article doesn’t actually say that they found anything at all in his mouth. Only that he tested positive for meth.

    Anyone who believes our “War on Drugs” is getting us anywhere needs to take a serious look at the numbers. Look how many of our population are in prison for NON VIOLENT drug offenses. Not for burglary to feed a habit, burglary is wrong. But for simply possessing or having used a substance.

    Then compare those numbers with the information available from Portugal which has completely abandoned the “War on Drugs” mentality. There you will see people responsible enough to make rational choices. And people who need help are able to get it, in a society which won’t try to throw them in prison for the rest of their lives.

  • That’s funny how when minorities get treated like this, it’s ok…. the cops were doing there jobs!!!! now it’s happening to whites as well!!! how things have changed!!!

  • Its never been OK. It just easy to look the other way when its someone else. Using race to divide and conquer has been a tactic used against us for a long time. Minorities have gotten the wrong end of it for a long time, prison stats prove that. The more we are divided the easier it is for government to control us. We have to work together and now that everyone is being brutalized to some degree we have more in common, a common enemy. There is strength in numbers, so many have been brutalized by the system or have friends and family that have suffered. The numbers are there. The key is to work together. We are never going to agree on everything but one thing is clear, it is getting worse. Nobody is going to help us we have to help ourselves.

  • Say that dude {COP} was on something, did they drug test him!!! Join the Navy see the world, Wanted Killers, kill at your will, even when the video shows the Copper used
    excessive force hell he is only as good as those who employed him. we need to lobby
    for a bill of rights to protect us form cowards like that officer to sue them personally so that the tax payer wont have to pay the bill…

  • You people are on crack or something is in your drinking water!

    This man was killed.

    A simple arrest where this man could have been taken back to the station and interrogated & checked more thoroughly.
    This is the normal procedure.

    Forcing the man to cough up drugs was a decision based on ego and power…

    No man should die during the course of any interrogation, traffic stop or altercation with a police officer if the person being arrested is being compliant anbd following orders within the degree that allows his/her arrest .

    The man put his hands behind his back signaling compliance.
    The officer should have continued the arrest rather than power grabbing drugs that could have easily been retrieved in the normal procedure of in house office screening.

    This was unintentional murder but murder notheless.
    Anyother profession he wouldbe held liable.

    You bootlickers straddling the pole of ignorance need to understand the guidelines are in place for the protection of civil rights.

    Letting officers get away with murder opens the door to abuses of power that have far reaching implications into a tyrannical control. Just because he has a monkey suit on that tells him he is n officer supported by a government that allows for the rape/torture/murder of children as young as 8 years of age in Iraq to get mothers to confess…doesnt mean that this behavior should be endorsed by society. The sad fact is the door is open to this very soon reality.

  • Looks like he killed the guy …call it what you want. The man was killed by the cop.

  • Cops killing on routine traffic stops, yet another infringement on our rights by the gov’t. Add it to the ever-growing list of violations:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging demonstrators and banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
    They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
    They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus..
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting illegal wars without declaration.
    Impeach them all (both parties) and save this great country.
    Last link (unless Google Books caves to the gov’t and drops the title):

  • Well guys, we watched and justified the brutal murders and assaults on black guys by law enforcement for at least five decades. So, we are complicit in creating an enforcement climate around the country, acting under the authority to protect and serve, that kills white guys in a simple traffic stop. We helped to create this problem with moronic thinking that these type of extreme and in many cases criminal actions are justified when it happens to those people. Now, it’s happening to us. The Genie is out of the bottle. How do we put it back? Let’s stop being idiots and understand if we don’t respect and ensure the rights of all US citizens then eventually we too will loose our rights.

  • All violent people who are destructive to life and do not respect the right of all others to free will Those who destructively impose there will on others go directly to hell-where they will know only violence and never have free will-all judges-police-soldiers and politicians are putting themselves in Hell-Hell is overflowing right now. Prisons war punishments poverty and inequity if acceptable to you will put you in Hell too. There is no love in these sociopaths-they have no future in Life-so they go to eternal death because they are anti-life-anti-love and anti-christ. All to feel superior all to satisfy their ego needs-only destroys your soul. The one law of the Universe=you get back what you give-the truth of what you give even if the fantasy (like these evil cops) is pretending you are a hero-(AKA Clint Eastwood) when in truth you are a sociopath-there is no love in them-they will never see Heaven-Cops are ultimately only the instruments of their own self-destruction. But the man they harmed is now in Heaven.

  • America face it you are under a Totalitarian police state oligarchy controlled by privately owned banking cartels such as the IMF, WTO, Fed Reserve, Bank of England. Will americans allow themselves to be ruled by these foreign bankers and be debt $laves flouride heads living in fema camps….this is your WAKE UP call ALL patriots to individually resist tyranny !!! The NWO shall NEVER kill FREEDOM!!!!

  • You think THAT’s bad?

    do a search for ’28 seconds’. You’ll find this:

    Near or outside of Sandy, Oregon (unsure of the actual date. sometime in ’04 or ’05), a young adult gets in a car accident.
    Basically, his clothes are burned off him, he’s cut up from the accident, no-doubt in shock (or going INto shock), and within a half-minute from the first radio transmission from law enforcement that they’re ‘on-scene’…the police shoot and kill the guy.

    Both the deputy sheriff and the city officer returned to duty, absolved of any wrongdoing – even after they repeatedly said they had both tazed him (which MUST’ve felt like torture), before opening fire on him.

    i use to help train cadets at an academy, AND was intending to become an officer.

    Nowadays – they are the LAST people i trust.

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