Cop Accused of Beating Unarmed Teen Says “I Was Afraid”

(MAURICE GARLAND)   Do you remember the Chad Holley case in Houston? You know, the one where the 15-year-old kid was out skipping school with friends and decided it was a good idea to break into a house? Same one where police saw the kids and chased them down. Same one where Holley was hit by a police car, pinned against a fence and then beat down by a handful of officers?

If you don’t remember, here is some video capturing the entire incident:

Well, one of the officers, Andrew Blomberg, is on trial for official oppression for his role in the beating. Prosecutors called one of the other officers in the video, whose name is not being released because he is undercover, to the stand and he broke into tears on Monday saying that he was fearful for his life during the beatdown.

“I was afraid,” the officer testified, wiping tears from his face. “I was afraid he had a gun and one of us might get hurt.”

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One Response to Cop Accused of Beating Unarmed Teen Says “I Was Afraid”

  • There are so many incidents which prove there’s a concerted effort by many "authorities" to try to make it legal for the police to act, in any way, on mere fears. And, to allow it to become legal for many members of the public to behave in similar ways (though usually only as long as they’re a member of the "right" race). Towards these ends, in this instance, either the police managed to get an officer to willingly make himself look like a blubbering fool on the witness stand, or this witness is one of many officers who have been successfully brainwashed into believing that there should be no limits to their fears towards "civilians". I once saw an officer completely freak out when a friend driving a car I was in, which had been pulled over for going through an intersection marked as being right turn only, opened the door of her car and stood up, and told the approaching officer that she was sorry for going through the intersection. My friend, who is very sweet, was being naive, and not following well-known procedure for staying in one’s car, but the officer displayed a level of fear at this that was completely abnormal, running back to her squad car, yanking open its driver’s door, hiding behind it, and yelling in abject terror at my friend to get back in her car. Seeing the officer’s fear made me feel afraid. And this was in Berkeley, California, so we’re not immune to this kind of fear-mongering here. At least the officer didn’t beat down my friend, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the officer had her gun drawn.

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