Colorado Democrats want gun manufacturers held liable for crimes committed with their guns

(FOXNEWS)   The owners and makers of assault-style weapons could soon be held legally liable in Colorado for crimes committed with their guns, if sponsors of a new gun-control package have their way.

State Democrats unveiled the broad package of measures this week, joined by gun violence survivors from the Columbine, Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings.

The eight bills detailed at a press conference Tuesday tackle gun control as well as mental health issues tied to gun violence. Among them are measures to put universal background checks in place for private gun sales and a bill to ban sales of high-capacity ammunition magazines.

But getting the most attention is the gun manufacturer-liability measure.

“This is the most aggressive anti-gun legislation ever floated in the country,” Republican Sen. Greg Brophy told Thursday. “To hold everybody in the entire chain of possession responsible for a crime committed by one person? The manufacturer, dealer and owners? That’s equivalent to blaming Coors for a drunk driver and the 7-Eleven after someone steals a 12-pack.”

The proposal would hold manufacturers of firearms, as well as sellers, responsible for crimes committed with those guns. The measure apparently conflicts with an existing federal law, but Democrats in the state reportedly say they want to get that federal law repealed.

Republicans say the gun liability measure would effectively ban those weapons because manufacturers and retailers would be afraid to sell them.

While Democrats hold a majority in both state houses, though, getting the sweeping series of bills passed will be an uphill battle.

Colorado has taken center stage in the country’s fight over gun control. David Keene, the head of the National Rifle Association, is in Denver to meet with Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper and Senate President John Morse.

Keene called universal background checks a political “sweet spot,” during an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday. He added that the current background check systems are underfunded and that forcing them on private sales would be logistically difficult.

Colorado’s governor has said in the past he supports background checks, but he has remained publicly quiet about the legislative package introduced earlier this week.

“The governor is hiding under his desk when it comes to answering the hard questions,” Brophy said. “It took me 30 seconds to figure out what the plans do. The governor shouldn’t be given a pass. He needs to address the issue.”

Calls for comment to the governor’s office were not immediately returned.

3 Responses to Colorado Democrats want gun manufacturers held liable for crimes committed with their guns

  • The DEMOCRATS SUCK!!! If the people in Colorado don’t stand up to this assholes, then they’ll get what they deserve… Totalitarian government in Colorado….

    I feel bad bc my nephew lives there….

  • Colorado is now organized criminal communist central. Colorado has been taken over by dirty traitors. They are a bunch of dirty Bolshevik sell-out traitors! That includes that pretty-boy smiling weasel of a governor.

    Speaking of dirty communist organized crimianls, that sneaky underhanded cowardly traitor drone kill weasel Obama/Soetoro is in Chicago taking advantage of the fact that his home boys, the guys that could be his sons are killing right and left.

    It is important to remember that:

    -gangs are killing far more people every year than the drugged mind-controlled psychiatric patients have killed while (usually) under the care of a "mental health" "professional." You think that I am cynical? The society is completely decadent and corrupt now and those in authority are the most corrupted of all. Fabian marxism is rampant and its effects always are to encourage psychopathic organized crime, including in government. Look at Stalin. Look at how the Russian mafia grew under communism and after it imploded due to conditions created by the dirty marxist scum.


    -if the organized criminals pretending to be a legitimate government disarm us, the vicious thug criminals, the ones outside of "government," will be armed to the teeth and the "officer safety" worshipers will always put their ignorant, low-class hides first.

  • A woman caused a wreck yesterday involving my teenage daughter. The lady was driving a chevy. I will be suing GM and will post all details.

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