(THINK PROGRESS)   Almost 35,000 people are supporting a petition calling on the Great Expressions Dental Center in Michigan to apologize for how it treated HIV-positive employee James White. When White’s supervisors learned of his status, they informed fellow coworkers, who proceeded to spray him with Lysol, prohibit him from touching doorknobs, and wipe down furniture and equipment after he used it. When White spent some time in the hospital, the Dental Center told him not to return to work. A study released this past July found that public understanding of HIV has not improved in 20 years.


Great Expressions has filed a complaint against White, arguing that they are guilty of no wrong-doing and blaming his termination on persistent tardiness:

Because of Defendant’s excessive absences and tardiness, which far exceeded Plaintiff’s attendance policy, and after giving Defendant many opportunities to improve (including a July 13 written warning of possible termination if absences continued), Plaintiff terminated his employment on July 27. Plaintiff’s decision was not based on Defendant’s disability or because of the reasons for his absences and tardiness.

The complaint petitions the United States District Court to declare that the office did not discriminate or violate the Americans with Disabilities Act


  • You can blame these fear-driven dental workers if you like, but it is the US Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control. the mass media and AID$ Inc. who were really the ones that shouted “FIRE” in this theater and terrified the lemmings.

    These people CREATED the HIV=AIDS fraud and all the social terror behind it. AIDS is Not an epidemic in the US and went into steep decline back in 1992. (20 years ago) In 1985 the random testing for HIV antibodies indicated that there were approx. 1.5 million people who were HIV positive. (half of which were already female) That is the virtually the SAME number today. The “AIDS virus” has not spread like wildfire, and the tests (ELISA, Western Blot, PCR, Culture, P24 or CD4) for HIV are NOT a verification of infection or a “gold standard”. Almost 90% of the world’s population “infected” with HIV are Healthy without disease, and are not on medications. HIV tests should be outlawed as bogus and fraudulent.

    In 1981-83 the CDC concluded that “AIDS” was not spreading like an infectious epidemic and was primarily a result of drug use–IV drug addicts or junkies who had been shooing drugs for about 10 years, and fast track gay men who were using poppers and drugs in the bathhouse scene for 5-10 years. US women, who were not drug addicts, were NOT developing AIDS, unless they were on drugs.

    This information was completely discarded when Jesuit Sword of Loyola agents Robert Gallo and Anthony Fauci conned Sec. of HHS Margaret Heckler into making a press conference announcement (April 23rd, 1984) claiming that they had found “the probable cause of AIDS” which would me named “HIV”. It was all a FRAUD, and not verified by scientific peer review, and has caused all of this germ terror, while stealing about 350 Billion dollars to perpetuate a NWO Medical surveillance lock down on the world.

    HIV/AIDS is NOT a Disease. It is what HHS Sec., Donna Shalayla, candidly admitted years ago. HIV/AIDS is a “Surveillance Device” intended to set up the international health control grid of the elite’s eugenicists. They manipulate the world through fear, just like with 911, and “global warming” and economic collapses.

    Click on the website link here to watch a film about this horrible act of false flag medical terrorism.

  • I should add that HIV/AIDS can be used as a cover for other actual germ-induced and or, biological agents of disease. “Mycoplasma X” and other disease agents can be used in random places then blamed on “HIV AIDS”.

    They operate like Al Qaeda, whom they can blame for anything they want. It can be real bio-warfare germs like anthrax or engineered Malaria, chemical agents, pollution, malnutrition. All of this they can blame on HIV/AIDS..and there is NO cure they say.

  • The government and CDC tell the world what is and isn’t contagious after they invent all these diseases, and we all come to find out the worst after we have believed them. People use common sense most of the time with this. These things are contagious, and you cannot blame people for this reaction. Better to err on the side of caution. It is unfortunate the coworker has AIDS, but the rest of the office doesn’t have to submit themselves to it. He can either endure the precaution, or get another job. Healthcare workers (I myself am one) take risks every day of the week serving people who are ill. We take all sorts of precautions ourselves. And then to be forced to work with coworkers who are chronically ill and carriers like this, but we are not allowed to protect ourselves? Get a life.

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